Akky's daily log

I have started this 2days ago.
Starting this log to keep my self-true to the path.
I am married so will be doing only soft NF.

Little bit backstory:
I am fapping multiple times a day since I was 11-12. Now at 28 years, I don’t remember my life without it.
I am married for the last 2yrs. I realised a few months back that I am addicted to it when I tried to not do it for a week and failed on the very next day. Since then I tried multiple times but failed again and again. So this time I am trying with the help of this community, hope it’ll be better this time.

Clean streak: 2days.

Please suggest how I can strengthen my mind to keep going on cont continue on this path.

My code : f8c87a2


Challenge urself a healthy lifestyle

That is my final goal, good all-around healthy lifestyle.
I am planning to start workouts as well from this Monday. I read many posts on this forum that suggest working out is a good option to keep kicking.

Clear streak: 2days


It happens so so much, and it’s sooooo common people saying “this time I will succeed”

I have to re-mention what Angel_in_a_cage said:
“Applied philosophy demands that we act on reason and principle not on immediate desire”

And what Luffychwan said on babadu’s diary, about me, and many other people here.

So I’m suggesting, Do everything with Grace.

It won’t kill you to give up all your ideas & your might to convince.

Find ONE thing, ONE principle.
Not what I, or others say or think.

True, even I have said this time I succeed at least 10 times but failed miserably every time.
But then again failure is the part of the journey, so I’ll keep the hopes up and start this one more time. Maybe this time with your help I’ll succeed.

No offense, but being married, I don’t think so no fap would be much difficult as when compared to a single guy. You already know how hard it is for a single guy living alone on a different city and to a successful no fap. But they still did it. I did it , so do you will…All the very best.
My current streak is 38 days
Longest streak - 39 days.
Add me as a companion - 488n2z . And share yours too.

Finished my 3rd day.
My companion code is f8c87a2.
And addiction is addiction, I am married but I am an addict for last almost two decades. So please keep an eye on me I have failed multiple times already. Oh by the way this is my highest streak to date.