Ain't no woman should be a goal

I was mistaken for a while. One of my goal with nofap was to be able to have a normal, romantic relationship again. To feel love again with a woman of my dreams.
I had to realize that it is a lie. There is not a single woman who stepped out from a dream. They are just like a failure of a creation as we man are. Porn not only objectifies women. In the same time it also makes us think of them highly. Raise our expetations like they are not only an object, but a high quality, luxurious object, which shows how “successful” you are if you own them.
Women are just like us men. Just as worthless as we are. I can’t think of them with desire anymore. I didn’t maintained my current streak because I was strong enough. I reached this far because the pity and disgust grew strong enough in me towards myself and towards women as well.
So I can’t wish for any kind of relationship with woman anymore. I only wish to be separated from them as much as possible.


Very True brother :+1::+1:


I don’t feel it’s like that brother @Duran

You’re right, noFap is not about getting relationships.

However, the relationships we see on TV are all fake.

Real relationships are messy, emotional, hard and require effort.
Real relationships are imperfect, becuase two imperfect individuals are meeting.
Real relationships are all of the above, but real relationships are worth it. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Not saying you should hurry off into a relationship-don’t focus on women, that’s good.
But remember that real women aren’t perfect-and that’s okay- because they were never meant to be.


Totally agree with you @Ash_Matt love you brother :heart:

These points makes me think you are still not out of that virtual world. You hate women because they are not luxurious object as shown in porn? Really do you want to objectify your girl? Come on man.

Women are imperfect just like everyone in the REAL world and two imperfect people met, falling in love, understand each other, sacrifice own happiness for others etc…(this will go on till life) will make them just perfect for each other!! If you don’t find that as a beauty I guess there is something is wrong with you.


This is so true.
Only kids believe in stuff like they show in tv shows, movies and anime. As long as you think all that is reality and can happen to you too, you will not grow up. It NEVER happens in real life.
Thank you brother.


@EvilMorty @neetwarrior Thank you bros for your kind words :slight_smile:
Yep, not only PMO, all modern movies and entertainment have distorted the concept of love. People keep looking for soulmates, someone perfect etc.etc.
Another great reason why noFap shows us reality.

Besides, a perfect relationship would cease to be perfect the moment a human joined, because humans were never meant to be perfect.


I’m not sure why my statement, that you quoted made you think that. I said that porn makes women objectified and by the next part I meant that porn also make them over valued by lies of nonexisting attributes. An d I stated that neither version is desired by me. I can’t understand why would you say that I objectify them based on this.

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Great… @Ash_Matt… Keep posting more Reality… We shouldn’t Objectify anyone… Because We are all imperfect creatures created by Same force of God…
Here we grow, Here we live… Everything we see in Tv, Movies Are just good for script :grin:

I think @Duran You should have read the Disclaimer Before Starting of Movies
It explicitly Tells us :wink:


I don’t get why you guys brought in how relationships are portrayed in tv and movies. I wasn’t talking about that at all.
I have my own experience in long term relationship(4years). I’m not getting my ideas from soap operas or from hollywood. Still I wasn’t talking about this.
My point was that it is possible to loose desire for any kind of relationship with woman. Both the porn version and the realistic. And no I also am not talking about turning to be gay.

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I think it’s normal you are in the off mood about women about acceptance them , 4 years of relationship it’s long time … because you are human what ever it’s happen for you and your suffering about your story …
Try to think out of this black box of why women you did this for us … why I can be so weak about the situation or if I became front of you …
@duran let it go … I know it’s not easy at all …
But believe in differences of creatures , yes man we are different , and you have no to understand in this moment about them when you will be ready , when you can start the right question about thinking of women …
Be sure that we are around a big Conspiracy (social media , networking and the easiest life we live it … ) to be a blind person about your pain by watching and paying or free media source …
@duran don’t blame women if you want to blame blame the woman who did that , blaming yourself about porn …
We are her because we choose to be different and to accept our differences …
Be kind to yourself and try to be more calm because there many things you can try it .


Agree. Golden words. :+1:


Okay let me rephrase

Above line is mentioned just after these two :point_down:

And this clearly implifies that, you will desire and love women if they are “high quality, luxurious object” as shown in porn or are you meant to say something else, let us hear that as well.

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I agree. I always wanting for easy path. When I see someone dating and flirting right in front of me, I get jealous but when I think again I’m only seeing it on the front side. Just like you say it’s messy, hard, and tedious journey. Even after you get a relationship, it’s not going to be a smooth ride. I really do hope so to find someone I care in the future


Completely agree. They are also failure , can be manipulative. I didn’t masturbate for 1 and half year but still got manipulated by a girl. Realizing that i again started fapping. But that didn’t worsen my interaction with girls. Girls are human they will lie to you, manipulate you. Will use you if you are giving them too much value. Nofap should be used for self improvement not for better interaction with women.


Never get jealous. First if you will show jealousy the other person can immediately sense it. And they will use it against you. Second, having a girlfriend is a time demanding task. You are at no disadvantage by not having girl. That attention can be utilized in better things and that will increase the value.

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In the quoted part, first I say how porn makes us look badly at women. Than I say how in reality they are just like as imperfect as we men are. And than I say that neither of it is desirable by me.
This is the second time I clarify this, so how is this implifies what you say, again? Why are you trying to force your logic into my words when I said that it’s not how I meant it?
Also, the word successful is in between " " to make it visible that is is a false success, a lie. Why would anyone want that?
Brother, maybe our mind just works with different logic and that is not a problem. I’m not going to force anyone to think the same way as I do. The only thing I try to fix is when my logic is missinterpreted.


Sorry there was a misunderstanding on my previous post, my bad. Got your point now :v:


The answer for unbalance is not changing from one extreme to the other.

You won’t find true everlasting happiness in a woman, or in a man, or in your kids. Only within yourself.

Work to be as complete and as self-reliant as you can. Then share that happiness with someone. It’s easier than it sounds once you find the courage to put effort into it.