Aggghh nooo i relapsed

Oh my God, I just relapsed today. I regret it. I have to reset my streak ;_;

Please hope for me so I can became a better person that could hold the urge. I feel really bad rn and I’m afraid I will get dumber and shittier.

And I also didn’t know that the blue button beside the “Medal” button is actually for flushing the urge away, not to reset the timer.

If I know it from the start I would have used it.

I have goes NoFap for 35 days, it’s a lot of days and resetted in some seconds

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Next one will be better :slight_smile:


Even I didn’t saw that. Thanks for letting me know @AlexeiB

You could try it, when you press that button there will be methods to flush away the urge


Been there. Relapsed after 3 months. Don’t lose your hope.