Age 37 (married): Day 30:Imperial Knight Star 🌟

Age 37 (married):Day 30: Imperial Knight Star :star2:

M37, Married, Day 31: Imperial Knight :star2:

Less fatigue,
less tiredness, quicker recovery,
high resistance to infections,
less sleep but more recovery,
little bit control over mind to take decisions what are right and not what are lucaring n easy,
less stomach aches n back aches and overall body pains…
less social anxiety.
Respect for Woman, Girls, Ladies

Back to Normal feeling.
Like Thor was banished and as he couldn’t lift his hammer he became numb.
same, now excitement of days count nearly numb n seems normal n even sharing some thoughts seems not important.
Awareness will still be there to not to PMO.
And still i will keep sharing any experience or no experience on this portal. All shd be able to quit this Evil act this is one of my wishes.


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