Age 37, Day 20.6, Very less body aches. High stamina for longer works

Its Day 20.6 ish,

Very less ( nearly null ) Body pains in back n neck. Previously each morning, night any time was body aleays paining in back. Without any significant cause.

Stamina for doing productive work is high.
Significant reduction in Procrastination ( its huge reduction).

Wanting to put attention to Really important things which are Must do. Previously it was ignorance and laziness.

Whole body is feeling energetic, very high recovery rate. Boosted stamina to perform tasks.

Inner willingness to Face, win, challenges high.
Increased tolerance to handle emotional steess and annoying actions from near n dear once. Previously high irritation was there. Causing emotional out bursts.

Higher sence of duties in life. Responsibility.
Self confidence high.

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