Again Starting My last journey Hopefully

Hey guys ,
I again fell into trap .I will go briefly.
Firstly ny age is 24 and my final year in med school.I have been addicted from a long time.Even wasted lot of money online .
Done All extreme things a normal fapper would not think even.
So Talking about 1.5 year ago .I found a girl in colg .i started dating her i loved her so much i never fapped in those months.
Mistake i made is I showed neediness to her .i was controlling my urges not by my motivation but by talking to her whole days.Spendmoney for her.But i dont know how many will agree when a girl sees a man needy , available, the interest disappears .She found ways to escape from me.From last month we only used to fight just fight for no reason literally.Ultinately she left.But i was honest to her . I literally cried cause i had so much feeling for her . Fortunately i was in 3 year of med .Where we dont have too many exams .Then after sometime out of stress and extreme anxiety i finally fapped and broke the boundaries i fapped 3 times ,smoked 20 cigs per day , sometimes weed stuff . But 2 week ago i went to home ( i stay in hostel currently) and my parents,relatives , my friends were like what has happened to you .I have lost 10 kgs. i got abundance of dark circles i basically have congenital but from stress they become prominent .there also i fapped but i somewhat felt a little bit free .I came back to hostel 2 days back .and i am again fapping alot.
like i was really addict to fapping as i mentioned.I have my internal exams soon i cant concentrate 1 % also.
But i believe in time .i am feeling somehow better from but cant control fapping .i want to control now its my final year after that i will try to marry ASAP.
Also 2 years ago i made a friend here we were like team we lived in different countries but shared the ultimate goal we were on whatsapp all time connected.
when we felt we are done with this shit we shared goodbye .hes engaged now n i am so happy for him .
Now i am looking for advice from you guys what should i do.Also If someone want to be companion message me.


Hey bro

I would say you need to understand that you’re fapping to escape life shit, but escaping it will make it worst,
Guard your mind what content you let in, is it good for you or not, does it make you happy or just distract you temporary, the fight in your mind, guard your thoughts,

I would also say don’t put efforts in people people will disappoint and this brings me down personally, so be careful who you choose to put faith into, it’s better to invest in yourself because you won’t disappoint yourself, you can’t turn your back on yourself.

Last thing make sure to do sometimes for yourself to refill your battery, reward your self, it can be an activity… a treat, you need to do good for yourself don’t give that task to others, so basically you make yourself happy don’t wait for people to do it, they can’t and they won’t.

Good luck bro

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Thanks brother … Realised it …Many times …but still for that trap but gonna fight for this shit .No gonna hit now …
I have Faced eveey betrayals …now i have nothing to lose … Just going to be myself …
My biggest mistake in life was i letting my loneliness get to toxic people . But life is All about learning in all sorts

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