Again lonelynes

i start to think that mostly i have been used sex to cover my lack of love and lonelynes, nofab, no sex i can do it, but aboling that im losing "the especial relathion with a woma " who covers that pain in mi. And i am again flirting in internet.How to win this game? a friend told me that is possible have especial relathion with woman without sex. how do you think?

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Sex is not a only Thing in Relationship.
Love can be expressed otherwise.
No one can tell you how to do it

It only comes from inside.

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I personally think I could never live in a relationship without sex. Sure it is not the most important part but it is a pleasure i wouldn’t wanna miss.

But I’m sure that it is possible if you find the right woman

I decide not be so hard with me, keep nofap and go step to step, thanks

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For me, relationships may be great with sex, but it is not the basis of it. It is all about mutual trust and settling things together, even if it is to argue with your partner.