Again i Need Help

I have been asking same again and again from many years again i am stuck at chaser effect.
I am such a pervert guy who always thinks about S*" , whoever come across my sight. (Except my family)
So, since yday i am living in someone else house and i feel too horny by watching females here who are younger than me.
Dirty thoughts are coming in my mind.
Because of these thoughts i am relapsing everyday… But last 5-7days i didn’t watched any explicit content. But masturbating is on alternative day.
Because of this i felt like loniless every where i dont feel good even when i am with some social circle.

Help me i feel depressed day by day.


but you are at your friends house yesterday…

Wherever i stay i am kind pervert who watch females secretly(by hiding somewhere) but that makes me horny.
Thats 1 thing which makes me bad person infront of many people.
2nd Faping on regular basis is like very depressive habit.
I have seen what kind of disadvantages i have since i started. But now its like never ending habit. I just want to break the chain of (cue- trigger- reward) habit or replace with something else.


Try reading your brain on porn, or breaking the cycle

Both are really good and helped me a lot


I also fell into the chaser effect … If you want, you can write to me, and maybe I will help you somehow


I have only one suggestion, stay busy. When you’re occupied you won’t give a damn about other things anymore. It’s that simple.
Having a goal is necessary in life. When one stays free it all happens.
You might want to do a two day challenge with someone. That is you will not relapse and stay busy for those two days no matter what.
In case you can’t stay busy then look for alternative pleasures for a while - watch a good movie, eat some ice cream etc. This is not good, still better than fapping to a random girl.
You have too much of energy in the body, so physical activity is a good option. It will take out that extra energy of the body in a healthy way. Just do what you can do, no need to have extra standards for yourself. Keep that up for a few days and you’ll see the results.
If you do some workout already then make it more a little more challenging.


Dude you seriously need a grip on reality. People who do that (out of compulsion) might not be creeps but people who do it willingly and encourage such activity without feeling any guilt or shame are super creeps.
So yes @Adioz_aka_Adidas is not a creep, but you certainly are.


I have the same problem, yesterday i went to visit some place and i noticed this too for myself. Only difference is that I’m on nofap streak :frowning:

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How long it’s been you starting this no fap journey ?(just curious)

I guess you need to suffer a little by not getting the reward. So for a short duration keep mum and don’t do anything. Let the suffering grow.
Then reward it with something else, not porn or fapping or whatever else(i.e replace the reward). As you get the relief from that other thing it will cause a very minute neuroplastic change. Repeat it many times. You’ll get used to it.

Then again that would be one kind of change, you’ll have to upgrade the changes. Over time you’ll be able to upgrade yourself good enough.
The method sounds cumbersome and to be honest it really is. But there is one more thing to remember that the graph of progress is not linear but exponential.
Because when you make changes you also learn how to make them more efficiently.

The point I’m trying to highlight here is that no one can simply shut down their pleasure seeking tendency. If you give up one reward, it is because you found some other kind of reward. As long as you feel good you can do anything.
That again does not mean you can’t endure suffering. You certainly can. And when the suffering goes away you feel good again. This is a good enough mechanism. It causes small change at a time. But over a big time the changes become really big.


What do you mean? :roll_eyes::thinking:
I am not at all creep guy but this harmones makes it difficult to handle the urges whenever i watch same which i fantasize for.
Anyways thanks for the tip bro. I will try…

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I will definitely in touch with you bro…
If i dont text you kindly dm me.
I’ll tell you all my problems.

Thanks for forwarding your helping hand. @Kuba521


Kindly express it in more detail brother. :slightly_smiling_face: @Fazlury

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I have started nofap journey from sept 2018.
But i was not consistent my streaks and regularity in forum was on and off.
I have taken long break too in middle. @Sanatanhindu
Since starting My highest streak was 21days.


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