After Relapse Feeling

What comes to your mind first after you relapsed? Is it sadness? Regret? Fear? Or any other?



Frankly the picture above tells it all.
It is like doing the whole process over again.
Its like a habit of making streak and again going back to start again.
This is like a monotonous routine.


Yeah, it’s suck man. Like it just like we still masturbate but with a larger gap between each relapse

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I would also add this…

Most people after relapse have reported suicidal feeling even I have felt many times…

And many more bad feelings :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:


Nobody in the world gets this feeling after realapse




Lmaoo best masturbater of the year

I feel that we have to learn from this response that our mind gives us after every relapse.
Even though we feel that this is something “we” have done and we feel absolutely crappy about it,
Another way of thinking about it is that in that moment. We treat ourselves with a bit of kindness and forgiveness.
And then we can start to realize that this is nothing but a habit, a human desire like any other that has fed into a repetitive behavior.
All we have to do then, is form another repetitive behavior, a response to every urge that we feel that helps us to get back to normal before we let the urge conquer us.

I hope I’ve been able to convey what I’m trying to say.

For more insights. I strongly recommend downloading the Headspace app(for meditation) and doing the Cravings course in it.
The teacher Andy gives us powerful insights on how to think about cravings and how they are just another part of the human condition.

Thanks guys
And stay strong.