After effects of a relapse

So I’ve been trying NoFap for some time but back then I used to have issues of morning semen leakage, feelings of uncomfort, and just strange physical symptoms.
Last time I relapsed, I avoided as much as possible temptations. But lately, I’ve been feeling a bit uncomfortable as if sweating when I’m not, I notice also a different odor that wouldn’t say is entirely pleasant. Anyone know how long this usually lasts?

Semen leakage is normal it happens to everyone. Nightfalls, peeing it are most common.

As for the stink well, you could use baby powder or if you can get ball powder(this is a thing) or lessen or change the lube when masterbating as some oily creams or lotions don’t work so nice with some sweat from the legs and balls and sometimes some missed semen or some leftover precum or leaked semen afterwards or wash down there after a relapse instead of just wiping off the semen.

Hope this helps bro! Good luck and stay strong and awesome.

Thank you for your reply!
Do you know how long these issues usually last?

Semen leaks don’t really have a confirmed time it will stop. I can’t say to you it might last or happen in this amount of time as some the leaks start early and for some late in a streak.

For some people it happens 3 times a week or more and for others just 1 every 3 months. So it hard to say how long semen leaks might happen.

For the stink well, this will clear up quick. As soon as treatment is applied. But still can come back after a relapse.

For the smell, after washing, be sure to wipe your private parts thourougly so that there’s no more humidity near. This will help