After 14 days what's going on here

14th day was a fkking hell. I constantly watched the timer for last 3 hrs. Hell it’s too damn hard. The wood won’t melt for 2 hrs. Constant nagging in head just to watch one pic or one page. Hell it gets disgusting. But once I closed my eyes thought of the 31 day target I’ve set, I told myself not today if I wanna shoot my guns, I’ll shoot on day 32. That’s it, the thoughts started going away for good. Wood actually melted finally after 2 fkking hrs. Hell I’m a cursed. I can’t take it anymore. It’s dragging me down to hell for eternity.
Withdrawal symptoms I’m getting include,:
Insomnia, only 3-4 hrs sleep at night, lack of energy, but energy levels soar when I start working out and I can actually go an extra mile now. Sometimes headaches, breathing troubles, heart palpitations, all this is forcing me to just watch porno just once, but I’m trying my best to reach 31st day. God knows what I would do on 32. It fkking feels like burning in hell.


What would you do on day 32?

Endure the pain in silence for now and enjoy the fruits of eternity later on.
As it is part of Reboot so burn in hell or anything else just go through it man.
Meditate and see your source of energy when such thing happens.
Awaken your kundlini so that the sexual energy rise up into your head.
Feel blessed & powerful .
A journey is boring if there is no difficulty in the process.

The extent to which things get worse are mentioned here.

  1. Such strong is the urge that I know if I let it control me I would end up ruining myself.
  2. Sometimes there are stupid thoughts like let’s watch just one pic or just open 1 page or just Google one porn actress.
  3. The situations are so damn pathetic that I have to punch the walls just to throw those thoughts away.
  4. I remember once I had a stupid idea of opening a webpage and get over with this stupidity of fapping in just mere 1 minute. And then I would start again at NF.
  5. One of the worse things about NF is that it’s a constant fighting with something you don’t even know who it is or what it is, you just have to hold on and keep fighting .

I’ll write the ways I used to stop above problems, how I managed to stop them, how I managed to discard then completely,how I was able to finalize my specific demands of my brain.
I’ll answer these if I reach day 20. 5 days to go I guess