Advice needed on these things

Those who have been successfully on their nofap journey I have a few questions

  1. should I carry on nofap by using a blocker or without it and why??
  2. Can I play mobile games or not ? And why shouldn’t I if the answer is no …
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  1. It’s your choice
  2. It’s your choice

Why? I have never used blockers and I’m on a 74 days streak. There are people here who have used and it and was successful too. If you feel that you can’t control yourself from peeking, then use blockers, otherwise don’t. And about mobile games, there is no cardinal rule that says you shouldn’t do it. Actually there is no rule at all. If you wanna play, then play. But if there is something that you want to improve in in life, then focus in that more. Play for fun and not all day. I hope that was enough


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