Advice and lessons from Ncaldwe22

In this thread I will provide (hopefully) insightful knowledge into the world of nofap from a moderate prospective, mainly in regards to nofap superpowers and perspectives on women.

For today’s post I will detail my view on superpowers. You will often hear people say that nofap superpowers aren’t real, or that nofap is a joke, but there actually are benefits to nofap. Just not how you would think.

From my perspective, the root of nofap superpowers (from which all or most superpowers extend) is the time and mental energy that you free up by not watching porn. I can easily spend two hours searching for the right video. That is 2 hours I’m not spending on something productive. When I’m not productive I get a lot of “I could haves” and “if onlys”. All of which demotivate me and make me sad.

By not watching porn I free up time to get stuff done and therefore free up more time to work on myself/self improvement. Essentially more time to build up healthy habits. By doing this I can make room to invite more positive things or “energies/vibes” into my life. This is what makes a person attractive, not abstaining from busting a nut, but rather focusing on themselves and improving their position in life.

The bad news is that even if you a woman is not attracted to you, nofap will not help that. But nofap can open up more options for you romantically. You will have more interest in you because of the focus, self investment, and discipline you practice.

Hope this provides some perspective. Have a good day and go spread some light.

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