Adult groups from telegram : SOS

Adult groups on telegram… since last 3 years… cuckold fantasy chat for my wifes images sharing with other people… fap… down to zero…uninstalled telegram 200+ th time… rehabilitation with rewire companion …

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Recently uninstalled telegram for this exact reason. Whatever benefit you get from it, not worth the risk bro.

Cuckold​:thinking::thinking: what a weird concept is this. Disgusting. Does porn induce that?

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Yes bro. Our whole mindset is changed by PMO right? Cuckold tendencies will be induced by porn. It is truly disgusting.

what’s a cuckold? :face_with_monocle:

A cuckold is a person who makes his wife or partner have sex with another man and watches that to satisfy himself.

Then it means that porn grips you so bad that not even having real sex satisfies you
You are so consumed by that habit of watching and masturbating that you forget why did you start in the first place
You don’t want to do anything, just watch and fap

Yes bro. This is a real thing. I have heard it from people’s experiences online. Guys actually forced their wives to fuck their friends and colleagues so they could watch and wank, because their neural pathways are so fucked up this is the only way they can feel pleasure. It is insane to what extent porn affects you.

Really it’s disgusting!! What a major bad effect of p :neutral_face: :persevere:

i am suffering from a fantasy of this

ppl also imagine their mother n sis in this way :frowning: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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I imagined once my sister. Buh was I disgusted of myself ://!

Pathetic. Yes because of those channels showing Sex in the Family.I dont wanna name them. But i myself is into them. But i dont fantasize. Porn is a serious threat to mankind really. There must be a Porn Ban worldwide along with punishments who breaks it.


Agreed 100% brother. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING good can come out of porn. Can anyone name ONE good thing coming as a result of porn? Atleast one? Porn is the no.1 evil in modern society.

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I give props to brutally honest people here

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Are you married bro ? Love your wife, don’t disrespect her, don’t treat her like an object to quench your thirst.

That’s what i am trying hard to train my mind

So did u actually put your wife to someone else’s bed?

Cannot agree more. I recall NO single porn video having normal, healthy relationship, they not only sell sex, but also want to distort our values. Porn not only aims at destroying our vitality, but also our morality. Be strong and determined, we are fighting against the most evil power.

no not at all, its a mental imagination. Shes very innocent and well cultured person, i cannot never even talk anything lk this to her…