Admin please read


Can you update that app so we can get a notification when we unlock a new badge again


I think that request legit.

In on other sobriety app, they will give a notification when we reach a goal along with a motivational text.

It’s small but pretty inspiring.


It’s already on my list. I will get to it soon.


@Taher admin mein jinko follow karta hu unke names repet mode mein bar bar show hote hai jab scroll karta hu toh . Meine 141 Ko following Kia hai but isme half of following name same show kar Rahi hai 2 months se. Meine pics send karta hu



Admin please design the app… That…
When we unlock the day it should congratulate us…


First load all your companions by scrolling to the bottom, then press rearrange and then press done. Make sure you are connected to the internet.


Forgot my password…And there is an account to which I used to follow but I deleted it but it keeps on reappearing…I want to logout and login again using different password so as not to see that account.
Will my progress be saved or it will collapse
When I login again after resetting the password?


Just tell me the account name which you want to remove.


This is the name @New#Challenger
It keeps on reappearing when I delete it.


@rajaji Now you will be able to delete it.


Yes it worked now…Thank you So much.