Aditya in A Thousand Days Journey

Aditya in A Thousand Days Journey
[23 M] Aditya’s Diary

Assalamualaikum, Hi and Hello brothers all around the world, greeting from Indonesia
My name is Aditya, just an ordinary person with ordinary stories, and a bit bad habit called PMO actually :sweat_smile:, just a proud moslem that only want to obey Allah and all of His rules, but proven that i am not really good at that, but i’m trying my best :sunglasses:

So, here we go, I started nofap challenge at 6th May this year, so I think it’s about 17 days since then. Well, my reason to do this is to obey Allah, beside of my mental and physical health issues that happen nowadays, i seek Allah forgiveness and also a cure for my health issues.

I do a person with faith, but at the same tine when alone i play in a forbidden garden, then feel exhausted, some brain fog, shame, and guilty… It is became worst that i do love to watch JAV even I said that i am a person that known as someone religious.

But, in a thousand days, i do believe that i could go through this, I’ll became someone that in my best version. I have an intention that at day 1000, I’ll break the celibacy with my future wife… i wish I’ll marry someone that i love at that time, and make her as a luckiest woman in the world,
I wish you all wish me the best ma bros

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Hey man, walalek’m alsalam. My reason for nofap , is because I want to break this habit but also it’s because it’s a sin and Allah has forbidden it, I keep up with my prayer, I’m reading quoran now and not just listening to it, I pray my fajr prayer in time, I also fast. This holy month of Ramadan is a great chance for Muslims to quit pmo, fasting makes it easier, plus having the will power to go 16 hours(give or take) will Surely develop the will power that you can later on use to say NO this addiction. Inshallah you’re fasting, if not you should be. I’m always here for you if. You ever need me.

May Allah bless you brother.

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