[Adioz’s Diary] Nҽɯ Jσυɾɳҽყ 𝚃𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜 🅽🅾 🅿🅼🅾

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Hey Everyone,
I know I came back after a long time, but we all need some time to distract our mind whoever gets addicted.

So I came back to defeat this addiction which ruins my all relationship (even if it is short term)…

I know I can do this alone too… but why I need this forum? Because it gives me inspiration to get going…
Believe me I tried other sites too… like same forum but none of them is like this forum. I didn’t feel comfortable there.

I will tell the reason why I relapsed ?

Hope for the best…


Day 1 completed (after joining this forum)
Super amazing day I have enjoyed alot,

I tried new dish to eat… It is really bad but experience is superb still laughing on my mistake…

After joining here I feel like(forum) I am at home I have my brother my best friend, irritating friend… Etc all are at one place. Can’t explain in words how much I am happy from my heart.

Hope I will do better tommorow than today.


Welcome back to the forum or as you described, a family, we’re all happy to have you. :slight_smile:


@Taher this time I won’t go unless any major problem happened here or else I will complete my journey till last.
Actually because of this forum I became more disciplined,focused & confident than I last time visited. Thanks to this forum(my family) my friends & my brothers.
Now I can go for any streaks not more than 365days.

I like the way you greet everyone when they joined this forum.


Great job on making it to a week man!

Sorry to hear about your friend and family situation, sounds very stressful. I hope the incident you mentioned wasn’t too bad.

Exercise can seriously help to destress if you have the time, I definitely recommend getting back into that as you said you wanted to. Especially running. Long runs can be so relaxing once you get into them.

Stay strong man, I hope all of this works out in the end for you.


"Thank you Guys for your support"
In my family it’s all okay, & about my friend he got big loss in business… Now he have to sell his company to someone who can run effectively. & He have to pay the debts… His life totally worse.
But we learn from our mistake… He definitely won’t do the mistake he have done recently.

Day 8 Completed
Today’s day is like :- Optimistic, busy in office work, made Big Changes in my schedule,
Last time I read few pages of book I like to read.

Today’s Thought:- First Rule of Life;
"If you never go after what you want, You never have it."


Oh jeez, yeah that does sound pretty bad for your friend. But hopefully he can get back up from it eventually and next time know how to avoid that pitfall. But I’m glad to hear it is all ok with your family.

Keep fighting man!


Day 9 Completed
Everyone might be thinking how I am doing without a single complain about Urges…
Actually I noted down the Cue which triggers me or make me horny or feel Urges… I am avoiding that by making strict tight schedule which makes me busy all the time don’t have time to overthink about inappropriate habit…

I’ve started two new habit recently I know it’s really hard in the beginning to be consistent but as we go on doing the same thing again & again then our mind will develop a habit, after a some days we will recognize by on particular time I have to do this habit… & We should make that habit which we enjoy doing everyday. One habit is making me +ve(positive) every single day in any circumstances & other is for gaining Knowledge…!

Today’s day be like:
Little Confusing in the beginning, Happy environment, seriously in the middle of the day, tired while coming from office…

One thing I have learnt today is
if you do something wrong, think it’s consequences earlier… so that, you can deal with your Superior politely.

I made one mistake today:
One letter came to our office & I sent that back by saying that we don’t know this person, after that I got to know that our newly appointmented Senior name is written on that letter. Oh my god… It’s like now he gonna kill me. But luckily my colleague knows his contact info, call him then he delivered that letter to us. That colleague is God for me today he saved me by all that harsh word, he would say if he got to know about my mistake.

Hope Tmrw will be better day


Day 1 completed,
Y’day I am totally feel depressed, I am asking myself why I did M? Yeah, I didn’t saw P but watching bikini girls video song @4:30am is super stupidity & It’s equal to P. I don’t know what to say but when I am out of this forum, just few months ago I am like I can do anything, and now :disappointed: what I am doing to myself… Can I become what I was before??
Whenever I am doubting myself I start reading book(Who says you can’t? You do) which I started recently… But after wasting 9day streak(looks like 90days to me) now I feel like “Man I have to start again” :disappointed:… I

I will start again but this time I will not stay awake for long time in night. I am damn sure I won’t do in day time because of my schedule. I should add this too in my schedule that at what time I should sleep.

Today’s Thought:-
"There are powers inside of you which, if you discover and use, would make you everything you ever dreamed or imagine you could become."


Don’t get down on yourself man, you made a mistake, but that’s part of learning. Relapse doesn’t mean failure, it just means there is more to discover.

I think that is a good idea to start journaling at night and to get to bed early. Those things will help a lot if that is your usual relapse time.

Get back up and keep fighting brother! We are here for you :slightly_smiling_face:


If you don’t feel asleep at night, try to walk or do some exercise in the evening. It will make you very sleepy. And I recommend replacing your smartphone with a book or something before going to bed. Earlier I used to use my phone while sleeping, and it always used to trigger me. And the blue rays are also bad for eyes due to which I have poor eyesight now. But we still have time right. Change your habits.:blush:


Hey @tuku as you said I should replace my phone habit to reading book… You’re right but that’s not problem.
Actually as per my schedule I should sleep before 11pm but that time I am totally lost in that book(till 4:30am) & I don’t know the time … (I mostly use less phone in the night)
to check time, I lifted my phone(which I always keep in distance from my bed)
when I am using my phone then I do browse different different things. Later I saw one video song there that urge triggers me & I thought that time, I can resist it… But I failed.

(I don’t have any social media accounts too I already deleted long time ago because I was using phone more & wasting so much time.)

Actual problem is I thought I figure out what triggers me but I discovered new cue… Which I didn’t face before… 99.9% I never watch video songs… But don’t know why I did this time… Anyways this won’t repeat again I promise.

Great idea @Special_Bird I will try that whenever I feel tempted or an urge… I will write down here in this thread. Thanks anyway

That’s the biggest problem I have currently.


Day 2d 16hrs Completed,
Whole day went in sleeping, didn’t sleep y’day night(went in someone’s wedding) came back home in morning 10am then busy in doing household work. Then outside work which I have to do. & Later sleep @ 2pm till 7pm… Today i didn’t followed my schedule wasted lot of time. & Taken leave from office too. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve decided I will do the same as before.
My goals be like… 3days, 7days, 15days, 30days, 60days, 90days… Etc
& I will reward myself after accomplishing each goal… !

Hope my day will be better than today.


3 Days 16hrs completed,
Less excite about work today in office, taken too many breaks,
Even I have done less work… After completing working hours when I am coming back to home, my bike suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. Thank God that nearby is known area(once upon a time I use to live there ) I park my vehicle to known friends house & went home by bus. tomorrow I will see to it.

Currently I have blue balls(getting pain in testicles) don’t know what to do… Bearing a pain now… Sometimes I am having high & low pain. Already tried ice on testicles.
Can anybody suggest me what to do??


Yes take some ice and apply it gently on your balls. Or you can take a cool shower. The pain will go after 15-30 mins.


I tried ice still have some pain but it’s bearable now. @tuku


It will fade away. Heads up , never ever think that fapping will make the pain go away. It won’t I tried in my earlier days fapping doesn’t​ help the pain remains :sweat_smile:
Bdw Did you edged or pre-cum ? @Adioz


Nope, I know this thing last year I tried fapping but didn’t work out so, this time Bigg No to fapping.

But I have one doubt, Is this pain coming because of low sperm quantity??


As far as I know blue balls occurs due to the flooding of blood in our vas deferens (pipe) to the testicles. The main reason will be edging .

But I have heard people having sensitive prostate gland. And it’s normal I guess. I don’t think there is nothing with low sperm quantity. When you continuously masturbate then your sperm quantity decreases.


But I didn’t tried anything not even edging.

When I am having pain my testicles, I can’t touch any testicles… & I am having problem in sitting & sleeping too.
As in my past I tried multiple times fapping in a day… may be this is the reason :point_up_2:
But not now NoFapping.