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Welcome to Adioz Diary… !!

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U can :face_with_monocle: How’s my Situation with P** :point_up_2:t2:

So, I Decided to Quit Now… Or It will be too late to respond

As I am Tired of relapse again and again… !!
So, I decided to “Start a New Journey”(I am not new here)…
I was working on all the weaknesses I have…
I promise myself that I won’t repeat the mistake I have done so far…
After reading @Bashi diary, I also “wanted to become Determined to Improve my life and My Mentality”…

"Hope this New Journey Show some Miracle"

You can check My Current Streak here :point_down: Just click “AdiozStreak” :-


Good luck on your journey :muscle:


After relapse

I felt like I have low energy, low will power, being Lazy to do anything, felt sad, Negative Thoughts, Procastinating, Making Excuses and Low Immune system,I feel inferior than others…! These negative effects which I had because of PMO…

I can relate to my Day 15(my highest streak from the day I joined) and Day 0…

There are so much difference Where I am happy all day(without reason). :blush:… Now I am sad(with many reasons)…:pensive:
Where I am waking up early before the alarm :alarm_clock:… I am just sleeping thinking someone stop this alarm. :sleeping_bed:
Where I am feeling great about my body, feel like I have healthy pure soul, there today I felt like bad about my body cursing myself… why I am lean when other people looks healthy…? :frowning:
Where I feel like… walking like a Lion :lion:… With helding my head Up
Now I am walking like I am nothing to proud of…! :disappointed:

I really want to go back to that day when I am “Who I Am” :smiley: actually not what I am now…

So I think this is the time whether “Do or Die”I have to choose myself… which life I want? :angry:

I don’t want to see back and regret myself I had an opportunity to change my life but I didn’t.

Today’s Thought

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.
:point_right:t2:It is what you think about.


Day 1 Completed ( #HardMode_2020 )

From today I accept, that I will follow these things:-

  1. Mental Edging (won’t feed unsafe behavior I mean stuff like doing “google research” or watching videos on youtube that were slightly sexual)
    Edging can be any pattern that mimics porn behaviors. So it can be doing “research”, go into “click bait”, watch some sexy videos or surf with the intention to find something.

  2. Make the Consequences which I will follow if I failed to do what I set the goal…if I reach the goal then I will Reward myself…

  3. Winners anticipate, losers react I will never quit even I feel bad after relapse, loose all hopes,
    instead of that i will think how I can make it possible? I will make a plan to make it harder to reach what mistake I did last time… I won’t become the Victim(instead of becoming Owner) in my life I will take all responsibilities of myself to be accountable for myself…

  4. I will focus on the self-improvement plan as well as Nofap Plan…

  • What’s “bad” in your life and how do you replace it with a healthy alternative?
  • What are your threats, situations, emotions, etc. that fuel your urges?
  • What tools (software and commitments) do you use to reduce/handle your threats?
  • What counts as a relapse for you?
  1. I try to avoid putting my willpower to the test as much as possible and instead try to take action prior to the urges making their appearance.

  2. check-ins on a daiy basis, keeping a morning routine, writing a dairy, scheduled workouts, a fix number of healthy habits per day, reporting to My AP(Accountability partner)

You will never be able to count your streak in years if you can’t even make it through today.

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If you really want to quit, then do this like your life depends on it - because it does.

@Bashi I will do as you said… Thanks for sharing these…!!

You are exactly where you really want to be

i will keep in mind…


Very Important Lesson for Me on this Journey


This is a huge step. I believe in you adioz. If you are really done with pornography you’ll sense it. Ask yourself, is that conviction in me? Do you REALLY want to quit? The answer is hard if you do not look at all the damage it’s done to your life. All the things you could’ve been already. All the experiences you may have missed out on, because you’d rather pmo? My suggestion of listing what pmo’s done to you and your life still stands. Maybe pmo has made you more lazy then you would’ve liked to be? Maybe that laziness translated to your school work, or a career, or maybe to your fitness? These are all things you can write down. Knowing that pmo caused all of those negative damaging things in your life really solidified me REALLY wanting to quit, maybe it’ll help you. It’ll also give you the motivation to continue fighting. You’ve got this brother.

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Bigg YES I want to quit more than anything my life…!

like someone said :point_down:
If you really want to quit, then do this like your life depends on it - because it does.

i will do accordingly…

Thanks @Sacred , by the way, I know you already told these but I am the only one who is ignoring this important advice… but don’t worry before the sunrise I will come up with all the answers which I need to fight this shit(PMO)…! with the perfect plan…

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@Adioz I’m glad you’ve found some hope and motivation in the stuff I’ve posted. I remember in my early NoFap days, struggling a lot to get past 3 weeks. Then some dude on the app I used at the time gave me some hints and motivation, I managed to reach higher streaks in recovery. I’m here to give back from what I’ve gathered in my recovery and I’m thankful to be able to share this. All best man, reach out if you have any questions.


Day 2 11hrs Completed

Day 1 --> I can say this in one sentence

“Its better to keep getting back up than staying down and regretting.”…!!

Day 2 --> whole day went in(Thinking & making a list) How I can make my life better?"…
as somebody said:

"Knowledge is power but Knowledge without Action is Useless"

and i am taking every action required to make my life better

This Time Streak will Go Up…and …Hope it will never stop


Day 3 08hrs Completed

“fOCUS and fIND”

As soon as we shift our focus toward things we want, our attitude changes instantly, and we begin to feel inspired—and when we feel great, we get great results.
By redirecting our focus toward what we want, our mind will inclined to find it.

For example:-
I discovered that autofocus cameras contain a servomechanism. they “automatically create a sharper focus and a clearer picture” once the lens is moved to the desired location.

When we make something important in our life, be it a benefit or not, it becomes a priority. Our brain is going to seek it everywhere and make the picture a whole lot clearer.

All of our emotions arise from where our focus is being directed.
Once we shift our lens over to something else, it’s going to pick up detail that once went unnoticed. It’s like getting a spotlight and moving it from one area to another.

Guess who’s incharge of moving that lens? You are.

Day 4 03hrs Completed

This is what I have learnt so far :-

Stop Blaming others for your troubles…
To extent to which you can achieve your dreams
on the extent to which you take your responsibility for your life
When you blame others for what you’re going through,you deny responsibility,
you give others power over the part of your life

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Day 5 03hrs Completed

When you start noticing your behavior(where you’re wrong and right) you start Improving yourself…
even I did the same thing…
In the beginning, I didn’t experience where I am going wrong, I keep on ignoring the valuable advice given by fellow companions(brothers)…

from the day I started this diary, I noticed many things which my friends/brothers noticed before me…

here is one, on which I recently started working:-

Procrastination :point_left:

"Amateurs sit and wait for the inspiration,
the rest of just get up and go to work…!!

When there is a Hill to Climb,
Don’t think that waiting will make it Smaller

it’s better to start taking Action than thinking "How we start doing this?"



You’ve got my support brother. Sober or not. But, I know you can beat this. You aren’t one to quit either I can tell that much. I speak to you as equal. You can still say I’m a recovering addict. I just want to lend out a helping hand.

Do what you know you must do to beat this. Like you said, procrastination will get you nowhere. We can all do this bro and that’s a fact.


I am working on it… I know I am saying very less now a days than usual but “why we should say when we actions speaks louder than words”…!
I started many new things which on which I am not consistent…!
Trying to be consistent on habits so that it will become my routine… !
@Sacred I am not saying that I am not procrastinator, I am…!
But in few things which I started recently I am not…!
Thanks for your support @Sacred …! Please be always supportive…! I am grateful that I met you guys this time otherwise this year will be same as past years…!


Bro , once you start showing results people tend to notice you. At the beginning you might get a little or no support, never stop believing in yourself coz of that. It will be worth it , results speak, keep going brother :fire:


Day 6 11hrs Completed :

This is the second thing which I noticed in my routine, which I think every single person is suffering from… this is not new for everyone… i.e,


Consistency is about building small empowering habits and rituals that you partake in every single day that keep you focused on your highest priorities and goals.

The habit of consistency isn’t about obtaining quick results. It’s rather about making incremental progress and improvements over an extended period of time.

It requires that you commit yourself to a sustained effort of action over the long-term.

even I found my interest is decreasing(or you can say i am demotivated) in work(which I was passionate about) day by day… I was curious to know… What exactly the reason for this problem? later I get it, the reason behind it… :point_down:

Right now I am working on small habits which will help me to achieve my goals and i am consistent in that habits…!!

Day 7 09hrs Completed

It’s a Productive Day Today…! :grinning:

As I already told that Consistency in the habit is very necessary…!!

So, today I am going to tell you something related to this topic(consistency as well as productive day)

What is Productive day??
A productive day is when you get something accomplished towards a meaningful goal of yours. An unproductive day is one where you wasted that time instead.

Today I went in some exhibition(kind of sale in very large area)…
We did shopping & ate delicious food we were searching for the best item & walking here and there with shopping bags in hands… Legs getting pain… As time passed we became tired…!
It seems very long day for me… When we came back… I am so tired that I fall on the bed once I reach home…
Later one thought strike in my mind that "I missed my routine…

:point_down:t2:This “Non Zero Day Policy” helped me today
even when I am so tired that I can’t walk properly…
(I am determined to do my habits every single day…!!)

Two Thoughts came in My Mind(we can say the two options I had,… what I will choose it was in my hand )

"First Thought" came in my mind “Let’s skip it, we can make some excuse that I am tired that’s why I didn’t complete my daily routine task”…(that’s wrong thinking)
Then “Second thought” came about the “Non Zero Day Policy” which is told by @ERNOL to me on my bad days… So, I started doing my task I thought I will do half of the actual task because I don’t feel that much energy
But as I started I feel so much energy & I completed my task as I do regularly

If his technique won’t come in my mind I would’ve change my mind to give up for the day…!

Thanks to @ERNOL for your Great Technique…It helped me Today


Great work bro.:+1: I’m glad that i could help.


This is great brother…

7 days you have completed.

You always supported me motivating to go ahead.

You are an master of motivation.

Keep going ahead man. You can do this. We wil do this together.