Adioz (🔵 Blue Buddha's Diary)

Finally I think I should start 1 habit which Is {reading books}(which use to be my hobby long time back) some books are pending to read, & some i didn’t even opened yet.
{Atleast 1page a day will be least I can do.}

Other than that everyone here came to break the chain of relapses and get better from their addiction.
I will try to do the same.

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We must have strategy… If this won’t work what will we do?

{Relapse prevention Plan/strategy}


Think before you Start your Journey

24-9-2022 Book reading habit :white_check_mark:
23-9-2022 Book reading habit :white_check_mark:
22-9-2022 Book reading habit :white_check_mark:

24-9-2022 PMO Habit: Relapsed :x:
23-9-2022 PMO Habit: Relapsed :white_check_mark:
22-9-2022 PMO Habit: Relapsed :x:

I have bought two new Books which helped me to stay motivated to read more books. :innocent: