Adios's Diary - Come back with BANGG

Hey everyone I am back with a bang this time I will break my all records.
Need little support…
As I don’t know what happened behind me.
So need little time to understand everything then I will go with flow.

My code- f0c99c
Don’t follow me now.
Give me some time to understand everything


started today… I won’t repeat the mistake I did earlier & won’t let anyone will do the same.

let’s do together guys
I am here to break my all records
today is day 0
I want to see me as completing 365days.
if you guys help me I will provide full support to you too.


you’re back!! amazing
I was often thinking what happened to you and kamafeo. Nice to have you back here.

What happened during the last year? How were you doing?

A lot has changed here. New Looks, new functions and so on. But things basically stayed the same. In comparison to the “old days” People got a bit more into hard mode / no sex.
And challenges are thriving.

All the best Buddy. Wish you strength for the coming 365 days of nofap!


Actually I was trained here to fight any situation but after few months…
I came to 0, I tried many times & again ups and downs…
I have learnt many things during this 1year period…

I was overconfident that I can reach my goal.
But in the middle of the journey I relapsed many times
I broke my last record I am happy for that


Good to see you brother …keep moving .


Welcome back old timer :slight_smile:


My Journey Story… in short

When I left forum,
I am very confident that I can beat any situation,
Even I did it
but when I completed ***days(I don’t want to do show off by telling longest streak) later I fall down,
I thought that nothing can distract me from my goal.
Then I thought I have challenge myself. I did…
But when I fall down I didn’t reach the target I completed before…
I fall many times now my situation is too worse so I came back.
To do it again,
I think this forum gives me motivation to fight against my weaknesses.

Thanks for your guys support

I will continue from day 0, even my streak is 30days. It doesn’t matter. I have to reach 365 days.


When you Start your Journey in Nofap

Remember :-

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF👈 and you know that
There is SOMETHING inside you that is GREATER THAN any obstacle

If you FEEL it :arrow_heading_up: YOU CAN DO IT… NO ONE CAN STOP YOU.

"Most Important Thing"
where we are using our energy, if you utilizes in correct way, you won’t relapse.

we have to divert our mind when we feel urge.

divert by different methods, otherwise your mind will understand the strategy.


Today we started Competition to reach my goal.

I hope I can take Everyone with me.
It only happens if you guys trust me, & follow my instructions,
Even if you don’t follow my instructions, I keep guiding you, it’s up to you whether you want to improve your life or destroying every single day.

"There is no victory in easy, it is only through hardship that we celebrate its end and are rewarded with its benefits"


When I joined here last time, I have great companions,
Who are focused, disciplined, & always helping nature,they really wanted to get rid of this addiction. We can feel their motivation by their posts…

But Now I really feel sad,

this time I can see this forum going in something different direction, something off topic I think so.
This Forum becoming Social media like Facebook… Etc day by day.

now people(not everyone) are here like they just want to take revenge… & They want to become leader(rule over new beginners) rather than become leader in real life.

Old is gold
I think we all old companions do get together here by any Competition…!


New year Quotes for Motivation…

:point_right:These are the years where a man becomes the man he is going to be for the rest of his life, just be careful who you turn into

:point_right:"Your journey will be much lighter and easier if you don’t carry your past with you"

:point_right:"Raindrops are small but with incessant pouring they become big rivers. So can be said of consistent efforts to reach our goal"



When we feel urge that time we have lot of excitement,
Once we do relapse, later on we regret that I am on #Nofap journey
, which I have forgotten in excitement.

From today I will not go close to any girl.

New year should be better than last year.
I feel like I don’t have capability to reach my goal.

Really fucking ashamed…

I didn’t even realize that what my companion will think if I do this…
Everything I forgotten…!

After a long time I came with conclusion.

I tried to help everyone, but I can’t see single efforts from other side.

So I have decided not to help unknown companions, if they ask help from me then only I will help them.
Unnecessarily I won’t do.

I started new group, few members joined, I was happy that I can do something which will help everyone, but only because of one person & my rules, ruined the whole group. I am damn sure that I won’t do same mistake again,

Last time I visited here, that time everyone was of helping nature, but this time, everyone is jealous of others success, I feel like it’s totally ruining the forum, competition everywhere… & Everyone want to be dependent on others(group admin).

Totally disappointed… This time.

Last words to few followers:-
If anybody is disciplined, determined, without excuse working hard on any work, he definitely get success


I feel good to hear that everyone cares about the one who is struggling for 7days streak. You guys change my mindset.

@Forerunner @Aragorn

But buddy it’s my diary please don’t comment here
Kindly delete all comments.


1day completed,
It’s been a long day… I feel like something missing all day.
Y’day I decided when I reset my counter and I will not lie to my friend/companions who will support me.
& Whatever the situation I will not use my mobile just before going to sleep.
I tried that application which @neveragaintw suggested keep me out it’s not working properly in my mobile.
I set the time when it should lock my mobile, at that time it won’t work.
I went to office… Fully hectic day so tired today. Came & take rest. Just now I saw my mobile, for Important mails.
Then I remembered that I have an topic in forum let’s see what my friends/companions doing… So I came here.

I hope day 2 will pass as early as possible… Without any difficulties… !

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Caring about others to think they will care about you is wrong approach. Life is nasty. Think about yourself first, then others. Usually people who help others to expect they will help, like, care in exchange suffer from “nice guy syndrome”.


Day 2 completed without PMO, i still feel something missing all the day…
Started reading in night. Day gone too fast today.

"Every evening, write a list of 6 things I need to do the next day and sort them by importance"
:point_up: started this idea by giving Low,Normal,High priority…!


Sorry guys I can’t resist the urge and
I thought I will go for a walk,
I went to girlfriend’s home(which is nearby), & we had sex…!
I already told about my problem… So,she helped me.
I don’t know will it count as relapse or not.
As per me yes, because I saw little porn video.
& Sex I don’t think that will count as relapse.


After relapse I have to get up fight hard…
So that I will be happy in future…

Started again now
Day 2 completed without PMO.

Thanks to @Aragorn @Warriors_Journey @ShivHanu @Forerunner @MRmoussa2002 to support me.


You got this bro proud of you :sunglasses::sunglasses: