Adios amigos (Taking a break)

A few years ago I told my mom that I struggled with PMO. Honestly she already knew because my dad struggled with the same thing and she had to live through all of that. She has full access to my phone pretty much. She’s shutting my data on and off depending on if she can see me or not. I’ve wanted to take a break for a while now, and this is kind of a “why not” situation so I’m taking advantage of it. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone for. I’ll update my streak if I relapse and I’ll check in with everyone’s streaks on day 30 of my break. I’m leaving for at least 30 days so that’s why. I’m still in some last man standing challenges so if the hosts read this or a participant reads this let them know this is why I’m absent. I’ve got so much to learn and so much to re-learn. I’ve got a girlfriend that I need to love and take care of, and I need to spend time with her. I’ve also got the all powerful God on my team that I’ve yet allowed to teach me regaurdless of His efforts. I’m not giving up I’m just taking some time to learn… I’ve got a few thanks and a bit of advice I’d like to share with some people so here goes:


@Vortexkicker Whatever you think you know you don’t. I think what’s been happening is you’re consuming information like social media and spitting it out. You can read all of the advice you want to, and still benefit nothing. When you read something, especially from the Bible, you need to believe it with your whole heart and run with it with no further thoughts. Playing it safe will get you nowhere. Vulnerability is part of the process. You have to trust that God will lead you in the right direction and ask NO questions. God is your answer my friend. I never shared my results with you after I did my sermon on fear of failure. God would rather you sin than to be trying to do both. You can’t love porn, and love God. It doesn’t work that way. So when God is asking you to do something for Him you will leave everything behind for Him. And it may be scary. That’s why we fear God. But you have to trust God. Because being fearful is only the inability to trust Him. There’s a parable called the Parable of the Talents and what happens is a guy goes out on a journey and leaves 3 of his servants (I think they were servants) with money called talents. The first of the three servants doubles his money. The second does the same, but the third servant digs a hole in the ground and hides his money because he’s afraid he’ll lose it. The master returns and servant one and two come up to him and they’re saying y’know look we’ve doubled our money, and the master says good job go and enjoy greatness (or something like that). But the third one tells the master what he has done, and hands him the money back and tells the master to have what is his. The master is enraged and calls him a fool and says he would rather him have risked it all and lost it rather than have saved it because he was afraid. Basically I’m saying to take a risk my friend. You’ve complained so much about your situation with your parents. You say you’re upset because your father won’t let you leave. That’s not his choice man! If you are really truly upset about your situation then do something about it even if it means you lose something along the way. Pray to God about it and let him show you the way. Trust God. Love God. If you love him then you’ll open yourself up like you never have before even if it means you could get hurt. Don’t play it safe. And you’ll cross 5 days and to infinity. I love and care for you man. I wish you the best of luck my friend!! God bless you for joining this journey! See you later pal.


@Kuba521 Hey man. We haven’t talked as much as I would have liked to. But I follow you and I see you fall a lot like me these past few days. I believe you’re a Christian. You and I both have a long way to go in our relationship with God. Read his word. Talk to him. Know who He is pal. He’s greater than we’ll ever come to believe. We’re still young man. We’ve got a lot of life to live. But what I’ll leave you with is this: God created sex, He created our parts, our desires, and our future partners. He did not create online videos of sex for us to enjoy. He created a slow, extremely enjoyable process for us to enjoy way more than porn if we would just listen to Him, and his instructions. And just to give you a bit of motivation: if you will control your eyes and avoid PMO it only takes about 15 to 20 days for those images and videos to leave your brain. Anyways, best of luck my friend!! I believe in you! God bless you!


@Lefty101 Thank you for being a great accountability partner and a good friend. Your advice is treating me well and I can’t wait to be on a higher streak like you. You’re a huge motivation to me and this whole community. God bless you man!!


@Adioz_aka_Adidas Thank you so much for your challenge group and motivation that you give to me and this community. I think we have a lot to learn from eachother and I will definitely check in with you when I come back. I would love to see you on a higher streak when I come back. I believe in you pal. Just take a few days to refresh your mind. We can forget so easily our tactics and why we do this. Good luck my friend and God bless!!

Anyways thanks to all the people I didn’t acknowledge and best of luck to you all. I love you all so much! God bless you all!!!


God bless you brother been nice chatting with you the past few days! Looking forward to getting to know you more after your break!!! Put God first always!!!


Let’s hope he stays strong…

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Now write HOLA! AMIGOS as you came back from a Break.


Or I might saw you late :frowning: my bad.


I wish you luck bro.

Long story short I made it 8 days and then came back after a relapse. This is an old post.


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