Addiction / impuls control disorder

Hey guys, I’m very curious about this since I think it makes a big difference:
How does this whole journey feels to you

During my time as a computer game addict, I got furious if I wasn’t able to get to my computer. It was the only thing i was thinking about. Every day, every second. Stopping it crashed my whole life. If I was on my way home and i got delayed I raged because I knew that I will miss some gaming time

Now, with porn/internet usage, it feels completely different.
I feel perfectly fine the whole day until, at a sudden moment, I can’t help but acting out. It feels as if I dream. I can see what I do but I can’t change my behavior. The weird thing is, not a single time during the day I have thoughts around porn. I can see hot adds on the street but not get triggered at all. I can think about how easy this whole not-watching-porn is and in the next second I can sit in front of my computer jerking off

How is it in your case? am I the only one feeling like that? Do you have cravings during the day? Is it more like a continuous craving after porn or more an impulse?


I thought about it, and maybe in these moments it shows what some of us are really medicating with porn: our incapability of coping with boredom.
At least for me, I almost never thought about porn when doing something else, similar to what you described . It’s always in those moments in between where I sit down, don’t have a specific thing to do or am lazy, tired etc. and think: alright, what to do now. And then porn comes to mind.

I guess the next question to ask oneself after that is: why is it that I can’t be bored or sit down and do nothing for a while?

hey bro
thats all fine when we stop some addiction cravings come but it takes some time to cime back to normal life
so dont think about that just fovus on no pmo

Hey man, as with you I think for me it is more of an impulse that I get in certain situations. When I’m sexually deprived the impulses pile up so that it sometimes feels like continous craving for a period of time, but in the end it’s just impulses.

I think the biology between gaming addiction and internet porn addiction may be slightly different, that’s why those addictions present themselves different in day to day life. Both activites (gaming and pmo) tackle your reward system, but gaming gives you just enough rewarding transmitters to keep you continuing ‘to the next level’ - it’s more of a flow like experience, whilst porn gives you more of a rush of dopamine as a reward for giving in to an impulse.

I can relate to it , currently I am on my day 77 & while working on my pc, My hand open new tab & start typing site but i resist relapsing from last 77 days & will resist till my death