Addiction effect

One of the effects that happened to my Brian due to porn addiction is that I became confused about my feelings… I’m not sure whether the feeling inside my heart to a girl was truly love or it was just a lust?
Actually I think that my standards of choosing a life partner has been changed too, I think nowadays body shape makes a big difference to me.
The way that I look to the girls have been changed too. Is things gonna to get back to normal?


Lust vs love and your whole pmo struggle with obstacles that you will face will diminished with time the more you abstain you be clearer . Unfortunately we will never be 100% back to our normal self. The moment we watched porn we been like kind of scared for life all for the sake of lust. Anyways we do this to regain self control and you are here to make a habit of this as you will be using it your whole life.
We have to shield our eyes for life or we might fall into the trap again. Unfortunately this world is full of sexual things so seeing content is like impossible but there is hope. We gotta choice do we continue our lust desires and keep watching or do we quickly look away.
Stay strong bro


Thanks :blue_heart::blue_heart:
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