Addiction?! 15 characters needed

What we have is an ordinary addiction. We are not different than the other addicts nor is our problem!
What is the difference between a crystal user, a thin girl, a smoker, a smart phone user and us?
It is only our past and the drug we are using.
Since we are not different than other addicts we also don’t have to invent a new form of rehab or treatment! We can take the methods which are well established!
And the solution is talking about our problem! I feel like most people here try to circumvent this by wanna get sober with challenges only and believing they are something special and can get away without thinking about their past. But that doesn’t work!

So, I dare you. Spend some time thinking about your past and you will find the reason for your addiction.
To break the ice, I will start:
I’m addicted because of heavy bulling when I was 8. For two years all the boys in my class waited for me outside the school each day after school. They knew what they have to tell me to make me angry, the knew what they have to do to me to make me feel like crap. They bullied every single person out of my life so that I was alone for 2 years. There was no one spending time with me during the small breaks during the day. So, I just stood there and waited for the school to continue.

Why do I need porn? I fear to have this feeling again to be lonely. Instead I’m looking for “people” to spend time with me even if they are just virtual. Figuring that out reduced the numbers of days where I even have urges to watch porn to a minimum!


Great insight bro, my main reason that i got into this damn thing was because i was a horny little boy and in my school we discovered it at such a young age its sad because, if it was not for movies and some magazines that i came by of my uncle i would have never got into it, actually i can even recal the feeling i got when i saw those mags, i felt, dizzy, nausea almost sea sick but somehow this curiosity kept getting the best of me damn.

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i guess that this is one way how you can get introduced to the drug but very often there is more to it.
you don’t have this “omg this is new and forbidden” feeling after thousands of hours. something is binding porn to your mind. you cure something with porn. what is it?

especially when you are talking about anxieties / social axieties. this really sounds as if porn could be related to it

Definetly pmo brings social anxiety because when watching it you are on a crazy high and that isolates your brain from the reality you have to deal, soo when the high is over you fall again to the pits of hell, and then you want that 3 second high again, you keep repeating this for weeks before you know it, months and years have passed, and now you are in january wishing to stop its a vicious cycle the only way to get out is to admit you indeed are in shit, and its bad for you, this is what i am doing, i have actually gaven up pmo forever, fan fact i was considering to beat a couple months and then pmo again, and then i saw this guy say that giving up pmo is actually bliss, soo i asked myself what the point of going back to hell again and i came to conclusion as well if i ever saw that comment again i will share it with you​:blush::blush::blush:.