Accountabilty Partner!


Sharing code - a0tk33

Current streak - 49 days (installed the App yesterday but have been off porn before that)
Highest streak - no idea, had several good streaks in the last couple of years, but can’t recall the length atm
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - Germany

I have been trying to quit porn for quite a while now, mostly on my own. I stumbled upon the ‘Porn Reboot’ videos from J.K Emezi on youtube (which I highly recommend) and decided that it might be interesting to get an accountability partner.
I’m interested how the journey is going for you, what your struggles are etc. and looking forward to share experiences and help each other through tough times.


My sharing code is : b5m3hr

I am addicted from last 19 years, you can read me from diary which I am updating daily

Cureent Streak: 52 days
Highest: 58 days (4years ago)

This time I am very much serious about it


Sharing code - u4cujp

Current streak - 38 days in soft mode.
- 24 days in hard mode
Highest streak - n/a
Age - 43
Gender - M
Location - Thailand

How are you? My name is Somboon. My journey is quite hard.


Are You Referring to me or OP, nonetheless I am journey is also not easy one, specially fatigue & laziness

Just done one simple Warm stretching exercise, This simple exercise is quiet good though i feel it though little hard but something is better than nothing
will also do another exercise after 1 hour but now will take cold shower for first time


hello weir and Somboon,

I added you both, thanks for the support! The urges from last week have calmed down thank god.
I wanna use the recovery time to invest in more and honest relationships, I’m planning to take on a new hobby (martial arts - Karate or Judo, have to see what suits me more), meet up with friends from uni etc., maybe join a project group from uni, and I also decided to confess my addiction to my gf which I haven’t had the guts to yet. What I’m also planning, even though in the distant future to be able to talk about this subject honestly and openly with friends, family.
Those are my long term goals and no ‘quick fixes’ for urges (which are important too!). But I feel that even when I slip or relapse I will still benefit from those goals if I have reached them by then.

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