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Great job bro. You are strong
This is my day 1, I have finally reached it

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good job bro, ill keep supporting you. we can do this together. day 2 should be easy win for u

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Yes bro we have to fight and win

day 5
today i fucked myself really hard in the gym instead of fucking myself to ■■■■. am feeling happier these days. Hope it continues. no relapse going strong

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Good job pro. Keep going :muscle:t3:

day 13, doing alll good !
u guys?

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You are awesome bro

Day 1 - I relapsed yesterday and the day before yesterday.
I want to break this shit

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lets do it @TheSeeker


Day 0

This is actually working. I feel more energy and drive. I look in the mirror and feel fresher. I have a hunger now. I’m not intimidated by others, I have drive and I find myself actively working. I remember this hunger back from when I was a child.

Then I nut, and all of it went away. This makes me hate self pleasure now. In an INSTANT, all the hunger and drive and energy went away. Its crazy. I am angry now because its gone, but ik its only temporary. I want to improve even more.

Staying away from instagram has helped me heal my mind, and ik i did fall back into the habit yesterday, scrolling for 4 hours…I had enough and deleted it again. This just strengthened my resolve that social media is absolute bullshit and has no place in my life. I download it time to time to post pics of myself and loved ones, piano prgress and cooking etc and then delete it immediately; no watching stories or comments; its working.

Nutting to ■■■■ is so different from nutting with someone you love. I feel all my energy drained and gone from ■■■■. But with my gf, i feel very loved and happy. Ive learned that sex is very pure and when done lovingly and correctly, can strengthen your bond and the love within. I want my relationship with my body to be sacred, no more wasting my energy. My time is short in the world and I want to do something with it.

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This will be my first day.
I relapsed yesterday too
Don’t worry we will win

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