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Hello, it’s a pleasure! I’ve started this nofap thing back in October 2019, when I had heavy depression and related issues. It’s 2021, and I don’t have those problems anymore! …And that’s my predicament. It goes like this: 30 days, relapse for 2 days, 24 days, relapse for 2 days, 23 days, relapse for 2 days 21 days, relapse for 2 days, 17 days, relapse for 2 days, and more recently, 13 days, relapse for 3 days. Well, you see where this is going! My longest streaks, at the end of them, had me pretty ill, so much that I had decided to relapse. And this always repeats! Shivers, fevers, anxiety, all out of nowhere in a single day. Or half a week. I get past it, it goes back. Out of desperation, I relapse. Too many times has this repeated! So, I want an accountability partner. Someone to punch me when I think about relapsing, someone to toughen me up, and say: Dude! THE HELL YOU DOIN. I’LL PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE. HERE’S SOME KICKS! to get my sense back. That’s it! I can speak both english and brazilian portuguese. Also! Don’t… expect me to make little talk (I guess people say chewing the fat? not my primary language.) I’ll just punch you if you think about relapsing. Also some kicks. And summersaults. Thank you! Was that too long? -


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