Accountability- how important is it in this journey?

How can I use accountability as a tool to suside my urges

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Accountability is very important bro @getbackclean . It gives you an extra motivation to stay in this Journey. I have some strong accountability partners in this forum and I strongly believe in them, like I believe in myself. Having atleast one strong accountability partner helps a lot. I don’t know the psychology behind it. But I was a guy who used to fail and fail with this addiction, but after coming in this Iam improving like anything. Iam loving the pain of conquering the addiction. Now I’ll choose death instead of going back to porn


Yeah…I’ve failed many times too but now I really want to get through this but I don’t know how to get started can you help?

Just as you started this page, start a page of diary. That will be your accountibility, in which you can right about your urge controls, victory moments and everything.

Accountibility helps us to be honest with ourself and this forum.