Accountability Group Improvements

No more copying pasting codes creating a mile long spammy topic.
A scoreboard will be below the main post, anyone can edit that scoreboard. Example post


Thanks sir,
Great work.

I have mixed feelings about the implementation but it is definitely an improvement.

I would like to know more of why all past comments have been deleted in the accountability threads. In the International Competition there was a valuable Hall Of Fame record in the comments. This displayed all previous competitiors who completed the challenge and it was in order from the earliest to the most recent. This is something you have overlooked and I request that you recover this. EDIT: I just realised this is possibly relevant to several other threads with a list of successful competitors.

My main qualm is that all past comments have been deleted. Some comments were more than just filler, even though most of them were copies of each other. There was a long catalogue of the legacy of how the competitions and the competitors changed over time. As well as the different debates and interactions in the community that happened through these comments. The comments were a record of that journey together and now they are just gone.

One more thing. At present the main filter that almost everyone will be using when looking for a thread, as it is a default, is the ‘Latest’ filter. This does what it says on the tin. Every new member will most likely not be messing with this and will click what they feel is relevant to their wants and what they find interesting. A conceivable metric within this default for accountability groups is the comment number. It serves as an indicator to how active a competition has been, how long it has been active for and how much investment the community has put into it.

I believe removing all the comments of all the accountability threads is too extreme and has homogenised the catalogue of streak counting threads.

Unortunately however, it might be a necessary evil because I understand that seeing the previous comments could serve to confuse new participants. But that is only until those comments have been pushed back underneath the newest ones and are no longer automatically visible. Maybe homogenisation is necessary in order to start with a clean slate and a brand new system. I don’t think it is at this moment in time due to the signifance I believe is within these comments and what they represent.

The new system definitely is an improvement but I don’t feel confident in how it will function in practise, only time will tell. It will still be an improvement regardless!

I have got a question though: Was this the aforementioned new system for streak counting you hinted at in the past? Or merely an update that is related but not the one you mentioned?


If you’d like to recover some of the comments, they can be recovered. They are not completely erased.

Yes I know, I personally sorted through all of the comments and even thought of only removing the pasted ones. But it was just not working out because most were missing context.

It’s just the price we have to pay for better future. Some of the threads had over 1k replies and it was impossible to read anything apart from the latest post.

This will still be relevant, we’ve have just shifted the aspect from number of updates per day to actual discussion.

No this isn’t that system. That will be built right into the app.
This is kind of mimicking the system we will have though.


That is good at least. It would be nice to have the Hall Of Fame for the International Competition recovered, I would request it to be added back into that thread.

I understand and accept that, change will not always be easy.

That is a good point, it will suffice!

Interesting! I think I have a better idea of what is coming up then and that sounds good.

After hearing your counter points I am more on board with the changes. It will, as you say, be a system that encourages the activity of the threads with discussion which I think is a good thing as well as being a many times more efficient system.

The maybe less obvious big upside to this change that I really like is the new possibility for discourse within the accountability threads. With all the actual discussion happening exclusively separate from the streak updates it presents a much more condensed and accessible means of discussion alongside the streak counting element. I am excited for this change most of all as it adds a new and suddenly feasible means of having a rapport with each other that new members can easily read through.

Thanks for your reply and for your work, I am quite happy with this change overall and I’ll let you know of any thoughts I might have that could be helpful for you to know regarding it if they come to me :slight_smile:


I wanna join group…

@28tiwarishivang If you want to find accountability groups you can choose them as a filter condition when searching through the forum.

I run an accountability thread and you are welcome to join if you like here.

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