Accountability Bud

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Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - Canada

Why I want a companion -
I would like an accountability partner so we can support each other in our times of need and help each other to extend our highest no PMO/PM streaks. Would consider using an accountability app to share phone activity to remain accountable. Cheers!


First of all welcome to this forum bud, as you step into this forum which means you have taken first step towards NoFap.
I am happy to help you brother.
You can read my diary to know me more. Any other questions feel free to PM me.

@Karim889 hope you have great journey ahead.


Thank you @Adioz for your kind welcome! I’m looking forward to this journey, quoting PMO once and for all. And meeting new buddies on the way


Nice … I started PMO recovery this summer … Ups and downs … Long streaks short streaks …
I would like to help and be helped … Companion … Feel free to add me

Longest streak : 33 days
Current streak: 5 days
Country: italy
Gender: M
Age: 31
------ my code - hrv0px


It’s so wonderful to see absolute strangers from all over the world helping and supporting each other.

Am delighted.

@fenila @Karim889 Warm welcome brothers.

My sharing code: z12r5l

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Ok brother my sharing code 5gkxp0

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