Accountability and self development partner

Hello there, beyond quitting porn and fapping, I really want someone to keep up as we do our self imposed challenges specially looking towards meaning, responsibility and maturity. I’m living quite an inmmature life: I’m 21, living in my parents, not working, studying as little as I can, but I’m extremely conscious where I am and want to move forward.

I do believe the nofap is won not by fighting the struggle, but filling your life with as much responsibility as you possibly can, Therefore leaving those childish things as porn and fap behind.

Some more about me: I’m a young male living in Argentina, Im really into self development but I lack focus and long term motivation. I had an awesome streak last year for 4 months, and after relapsing I couldn’t focus in anything at all, unable to keep it going for more than a week.

I’m looking for someone who thinks mildly the same and is willing to challenge me as he challenges himself, and is willing to receive the same treatment. My sharing code is 2df3gs.

Hope you may want to join me!


I think we both looking for same☝(not exactly but kind of same)…
If you find one lemme know too.

Welcome! I see you’ve joined a while ago.
I’m super into self development. It’s what drives me to be 1% better everyday! There are a lot of groups to check-

  1. The Hogwarts study challenge - to focus on studying more, with an amazing support group!
  2. The 2021 early morning challenge - stay productive by waking up early
  3. Challenge a companion - feeling competitive? Challenge a companion and fight for points to win the prize!

@Adidas2201 @thaddaeusz I’d recommend these guilds :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure what you mean :upside_down_face:

I’m also don’t know how this app and community works :upside_down_face:

If you are willing to get into this adventure with me, add me 15092d ( I think the forum one is wrong)


I’m not sure how to join groups in this app, I have downloaded it long time ago and visited it occasionally. I don’t know anything bout it :upside_down_face:

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I am saying if you find any accountability partner, intro me too so that we both make clean streak ahead.

Adding by sharecode won’t help unless we have conversations on daily basis.(that’s my opinion)

Btw I know how forum works.

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Ok I think I get you, I just was looking someone to talk daily, or at least weekly. As I have difficulties keeping up habits and goals in the long term.

Your call if you are interested


Looking for the same. :point_up:
I am very much intrested… :+1:

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