According to Plato, the body is the temple of the soul

Guys, the body is the temple of the soul, if the soul is not good, if the person does not have a fertile personality, the temple cannot be maintained, it lives on illusions, it disintegrates with time. That’s why I practice NoFap, because I have my need to go beyond people’s bodies, see a person who has a beautiful body and know that if there isn’t something as beautiful as their body behind it, it’s no good, no adds as a human being, there is nothing to experience as a being. Folks, I was taught that it is necessary to go beyond the body, the soul is so much more important than this, if the soul is not beautiful like the temple, then it is something illusory, because the temple is an invitation and if its interior is not interesting, not rich, not fertile in personality, will drive out any visitor. Never forget, if you’ve seen someone beautiful, look for something else: that person’s intelligence, personality, mentality, etc. Instinct makes us see the biological part of someone as if it were the only thing that matters, but we came here to go beyond our biology, contemplating biology is a duty, perhaps, of the rest of the species that have been doing this for many years. We are human beings, we must go beyond biology and develop our intellect and not waste time with carnal actions. “The body is the temple of the soul” - Plato


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