@acarnegie743's Diary- Success Story

On Day 7. Escaping from the golden prison.

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I was at day 8 yesterday. But had GF problems.

Don’t worry… we can make it. But we would have to learn to be discipline and have better control over ourselves. But yes we can make it…

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Yeah man. That’s true. This can destroy a person if they let it or make them stronger. What are you doing for your plan to overcome this?

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I am really fed up of all these. I am trying to stay occupied in my studies and hobbies. I have also temporarily deactivated facebook. And i watch Nofap motivational videos often, even the same ones. That’s it pretty much.

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Oh nice. That’s good. My top goal for now is waking up real early at 5 a.m. to do things. Then exercise as well. Reading helps to distract or.learning things like math.

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Day 8: Yesterday i woke up at 9 am and stayed busy the whole day. Fell asleep at around 11 pm and this morning wonderfully woke up at 7 am.

I will not waste my time. I will stay busy the whole day in my duties and hobbies and hope will fall asleep as early as possible at night around 10 pm. This is one of the crucial pillars for my success in Nofap as well as for positive health and well being. I must stick to it.


Day 9: Woke up at 6:30 am. Yesterday i slept about at 11. I should develop this habit though it may be uncomfortable for a few days. But i must build up this habit. My body is feeling rested now amd guess wants to thank me. God bless me. I will be successful no natter what.

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Wow bro. That’s amazing. Keep it up bro. I am actually about to sleep. Had a day of meditating on my goals.

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Day 10: Woke up at 7:21 am. Yesterday slept at 12. Lately i was having some urges and the fantasies to watch porn. But i didn’t give in. But i have had my Nightfall last night… Hmm.
I must stick to my new sleeping habit and NOFAP, no matter what. And i will.

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Day 2
Woke up 4:50 a.m. and ready to workout in the park. Get hair cut and plan my day.

Nice to hear that. Stay strong.
I am just coming back from ground after soccer. I could barely play for 15 minutes though. Felt unable to run properly and my head got so dizzy. There used to be a time, before i got into pmoing, i would play for full 90 minutes with full vigour and stamina still intact till the very end of a match. Well pmo addiction can make even giants into pygmies i guess.
The only good thing i take from this that NOFAP for these 10 days has atleast given me the energy and eagerness and aliveness to visit the ground and play. I also feel that i have ‘discharged’ a lot of negative energies. Nofap is my way of life.


I noticed I got tired easily to when I do NoFab and No PMO. But actually in real life our body is not used to the habit that’s why. Of No PMO. its used to PMOing so as result brain thinks it shouldn’t use all that energy. I found This out when I was working out and I felt tired but then a surge of energy arouse from me because I was thinking of my goals. Opened my full potential and got energy. So in real life you have more energy than you think its just you have to release with brain power. And throughout time you will see energy naturally. It happened almost to me when day 20.

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Day 0: I was feeling very horny. Couldn’t control my dick and fantasies. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: But glad i atleast completed 10 days. I will try again!

Update: Relapses in 2018
Jan- 7 times
Feb- 7
March- 6
April- 4
May- 5
June- 2
July- 4.
Total: 35 relapse

I have failed 35 times in my Nofap attempts in 2018. Few important lessons for me-

  1. I should focus not on Not fapping or not watching porn, but focus on building my life. I should focus on ‘building my life’. Nofap will happen as a consequence of that.

  2. Porn is really a symptom of a stressed and anxious mind, and an uninteresting life. And it becomes the Cause as well.
    I will try my best to stay as happy as possible every moment. Happy life is the antidote to PMO addiction, atleast for some souls. Changing the breathing rhythm and depth, positive thinking, listening to music, exercising, working out, meditation, watching comedy movies or any interesting shows, relaxation, socialising if possible, just enjoying my work, duties and hobbies, partying… I have to unlearn stress and return to my joyful self that was me during my early years.

I have to relearn to be happy and joyful again every single day and moment. That’s how the need to watch porn will wither away by itself and not just suppressed, although even that is better than giving in to those urges.

  1. But whenever i feel like the old habit to pmo is taking over me, i will remind myself of the “NOFAP BENEFITS” and “PMO CONSEQUENCES”. Then take a bath and then move out into public place or just outside of my room/home.

Some more:
A. No Social media till i complete atleast 90 days Nofap challenge.
B. I will maintain a regular, fixed sleeping time table.( 10 pm to 6 am approx. ). Early to bed and early from bed.
C. I will take 3 regular meals everyday- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. My wrong food habits have made my body very weak
D. I don’t focus on girl(s) but on my goal(s).
E. I will make it happen this time.


Hey bro. Have you heard of the 1,000 day challenge. I am doing it. Wondering if your interested.

Day 3

Going hard today. If I plan to complete 1,000 days. I will have to focus on life goals. Have endurance and meditate. I am not quitting this time. Because I am not a slave of this forever. I refuse to be dishonored by this. :muscle:


I think i am not ready for that right now. Well good luck to you. I will jpin if i feel like i would be eligible for that challenge.

Nice… stay strong and pure.


Bro i just joined the 30 days challenge. I think thst would be a more realistic goal for now. Why don’t you also join me there? We’ll sail through the hell together…