@acarnegie743's Diary- Success Story


Day 25: Yesterday I visited the clinic.Today I am feeling better. I woke up this morning fresh, with a spring to my feet… after so many days. I will attribute this to the medicines + the streak. Stay true and faithful to Nofap. I am getting healed and positively transformed.

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Day 30- I feel slight improvement in my energy level and health. Don’t give in to those urges and excuses and tricks of the mind. Stay faithful to the cause of your own well being. Stay grounded and firm to my decision.

I do hope by Day 60, things would noticeably improve even though I don’t expect much. I am feeling a sense of accomplishment and joy to have completed 30 days today. If I had relapsed, I would have been cursing myself and would had been drowned in guilt, shame, hopelessness and depression. What an awful feeling and in top of that I would have physically felt drained and lethargic. PMO is the worst enemy of today’s youth, specially the males. I should have never fallen into this trap which is hugely responsible for damaging my whole life.
I will finally get rid of this bad habit.


2019 Relapses:-

I am including the whole month of May in advance. Using some Law of attraction tricks :sweat_smile:

Jan- 5
March- 3

April- 3
May- 0.

I am growing better and better each day, each moment.