About the impact of past

I’ve heard everything we learn in childhood is the base of the way we think when we grow up. But I’m sure that what I’ve learned when I was a child was not good. Waking up early to go to school makes sitting down still and calm one of the most important things in life. Poor living teachers were trying to teach us something, without explaining the necessity of everything. A lot of years I was taught to do something unhealthy. Everything was automatically and boring. Now there’s no school. But I don’t know what I even want to do next. My question to everyone: Can I do something about this?

Imo, I don’t think anyone can answer that but you, you gotta ask yourself and find your purpose in life. Is it to help people? or help animals? or perhaps starting a business or something. There’s so many things to do in life, even though our childhood is not that great, the past is the past, we can’t do anything about it but we certainly can change the future.

I hope you will find your answer soon enough brother.

Read Jordan Peterson’s book : 12 rules of life.

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