About anxieties

What should we do when our anxieties come and it seems there is no way to become calmer without masturbation

When you face anxiety, remember what is causing it, that is your fapping habbit.


Anxiety is basically your mind being in the future. Calm you mind. Meditate. Enter the present, enter the Now.


Cold shower is the simple answer.


False. There are a lot of activities that increases dopamine. Research and find an activity that suits your interest.

@edistoretto Sums up pretty much.

For me anxiety always comes around unexpected. After reading book with hard stuff grammar, or after learning and still don’t know what is going on with the course. But before this, I always resolve anxiety with fast-acquired happiness, example or the fact is bursting your nuts. But I think the best way to calm yourself is just to let go or just say to be flowing. Go do some activities that let just your mind goes ‘flow’ naturally. For me, when anxiety building up I go walk or riding my bike and for hours just to clear those thoughts away

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