Abhishek's Diary:- A New Habit In Life A New Weapon To Fuck Fapping

I have been here on this app for like 3 months although I created an account on 7th April when I accidentally read some of the articles and topics here.
I have been fighting fapping for like 4years and never succeeded for long time.
When I got myself exposed to some of the brilliant things in this app it was genuinely kind of enlightenment thing.
Although I am not a celebrity but I would like to give a shout-out to
@Taher to create this wonderful app which is undoubtedly making our standard of lifestyle change.
@anon66785751 for being so dedicated in uplifting and improving our lifestyles.
@nagate man you are in my companion list from the beginning,whenever I used to think that I should give up and then I would just scroll and see that there is a Kenyian Bro of mine who has succeeded to manage this far so why shouldn’t I join him there.
And brilliant motivational speakers in message section @speak.aditya.asia and @s8k8
And this guy @ReloadingSacks
Lately I have been thinking of writing a diary of myself here as many have suggested and daily update it but I thought what should I write,there are already lot of guys who are here writing out their stories and mine is not so different from them.
Today I am writing because of this guy,he kinda made me felt happier than a pizza for Italian and Beer for a German.
If you would have checked my status,you would have probably noticed some nasty shit on it.Let me jot it down here.It goes like
“I am gonna suck a homeless guy penis,commit suicide afterwards.I am gonna fail this semester and this app is saying don’t take stress & masturbate well F You !”
This guy saw my status and instantly messaged me in private that
“I have added you to companions and noticed your status. Don’t make anything stupid. We will get through this. I understand you might be upset due to lack results, but that feeling is temporary. It comes and goes. We are warriors and we will win this fight. You are not failure if you keep fighting. Chin up. Everything will fall in place.”
Oh ! man I felt a little bit ashamed of myself but there was a flood of respect to this guy and all other guys out here at Rewire who are doing every measure to keep fellow brothers out of this cocksucking monster’s grip.
Well I think this is bit of instance of “what goes around comes around” few days back I was saying sympathy words to Resurgent and today this guy does the same.
Here I have seen UPSC aspirants,IITians,guys with good jobs,married guys and old chaps too fighting against pmo.
It makes me feel like if this was like Avengers Infinity War trailer.
Diversity of guys fighting against single adversary.
This was my first diary entry and it may be boring but in upcoming future I would try to make this more interesting.
BTW about myself
I am Abhishek from India.
20 yr male.
Sharing Code 648bdd
Love you guys.Cheers
p.s. I am gonna change my status,ITS GROSS !!!


We are all in this together. We are going to fight and win this war against PMO addiction. I’m hell-bent on winning this, so you should be too. BTW, you’re on my companion list.

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The goal of life is as Mark Manson writes, making your situation from fucked up to less fucked up. People without pain can’t function in modern world. Everybody experiences pain, problems, issues more or less. These kind of experiences form us a human and harden our character. Overcoming bad experiences, obstacles let us to be happy in life, which relies in short on solving problems. People who ignore their flaws, have no will to fight, suffer the most, because one day, this bag of bad experiences has to fall down.

Pain let us survived as human specie and adapt to ever changing conditions. It let us go through the hardest times, because its main purpose is motivating us and ignite this small spark of hope for a life change.


Dont worry, i will be here until all users of this app successfuly complete their Reboot.
It feels so good when such positive message comes. I am with you against fap.

So whats new habit you have made !


Thanks for that brother, it is an honor. You correctly mentioned about diversity. There are people with extremely different objectives and perceptions as to NoFap but it is surprising how decently we disagree with each other without trying to offend the other. How well we coexist in this forum.
Because at the end of the day the common enemy is PMO. It can be called the only benefit relating to PMO that it has united us all against it.

And no doubt @Taher must be appreciated for creating the forum and giving us a platform to connect and express.


Not that I am saying that you have an invalid excuse, it is a kind of a genuine one. But if you are fapping by imagining your ex then it was not love according to me. Love is something deeper no matter how much you are addicted to fapping. I know I am assuming, and we all are different but this is an excuse at the end of the day. Genuine or not, doesn’t matter.


Do watch it, I repeat that your excuse seem to be genuine to me but next time maybe you’ll remember what he has said in the video and you will take a rational decision.

Moreover, it is actually great that you are resilient enough to come clean and start again. Proud. :smile:

Woah it seems like yesterday was a hard to many !!!

Yesterday many heroes fell !!!

Yes, I saw your status! It feels like weird and laughed but small at the very first time, but no matter what you said… We all have the same purpose to be in here! I respect your status.

I respect your status, because I have no right to judge you. We all feel the pain like what the guy said above! So it’s a tie.

I don’t know if this is good or bad but I am spending more time on NF.It is curing my pmo addiction but supporting smartphone addiction.