A Way Out ( first days strugglers )

I’m not that great at making big streaks , I’m just as you are , relapsing a lot in my first days , but after 5 days of awesome performance of quitting , I would like to give you my hand and lift you up from that PMO hole

They always say keep yourself busy or do something useful , i will tell you to keep your " Body " busy , best thing to do is hitting the gym , go release that power , slay the gym get you body exhausted enough to only be able to sleep when you return , another thing to do ( chained with the first thing of being busy ) is finding a good friend , rather on internet or real life friends , the point is he also is having a problem with it or at least knows enough about it , encourage each other and try to do something together , maybe go to the same gym together if possible !?

For me , I was having a bad days , unproductive , lazy ,mind-fogged
Literally doing nothing , then my friend souvik @s8k8 came to the rescue
He didn’t say much but he invited me to read books , I’m not that person who can read a book of 500 pages or so but I tried , the thing is I choose the category I needed … Self-help :relieved:
"The willpower instinct " book by Kelly Mcgonigal was the best thing to start with

I understood how our mind works and how to use it for your sake , I recommend you to read please , it will definitely make a change

Now I am determined to read more books , workout harder at the gym , and break my boring ugly highest streak of 8 days ( 5 days now )

I would like to thank souvik again and I wish you all to find yourself and that you can control your feelings and doings , and souvik I hope you succeed in your life not only in the nofap journey thank you so much Bud


It’s my pleasure to help you succeed and seeing you achieve things in life is going to be a delightful experience and journey. We are in this together. :clap::+1::muscle: @Omar7Adel

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