A warrior's jorney - 30 M

That’s where I’ll write about my days…
I’m married, but porn almost made me lose everything. I’m on my longest streak by far - 71 days, 2nd longest was 14 days xD.
PMO used to consume all my free time, and, when it wasn’t enough, sometimes it consumed my nights as well…
I was depressed, unfocused, peverted. And, in top of that, I had ED AND DE.
That, ED is not a problem for me… After years of blue pills abuse, I used to take them everyday, because I was terrified about my thing not working again… The eyes of the woman you love, not understanding why she wasn’t sexy for you anymore, and your conscious reminding you that you can’t get hard for the life of you because you fap 3 to 6 times a day, every single day… I can’t find a word for it, it is excruciating.

DE (delayed ejaculation) looks inoffensive, one even think it is the greatest thing because you can last for so long … But, when both are tired, or when your girl has done her best and she couldn’t finish you, trust me, it is awful. Still I’m not healed from it, although I feel my sensibility growing to stages I never knew (yes, I have it since I was still virgin… I used to fap at least 3 times a day since I was very young. And, whenever I was alone at home, that number skyrocket to 10 to 15 times).

Today in special the urges are very strong, so I chose to write and resist it.

God bless you all my friends, let’s win this together!


Thanks for that story… you’re still getting urges after 70 days… damn this is going to be a long battle. Any advice as to what may be causing the urges you are facing currently.?


All the best buddy! I admire your strength and perseverance.


I’m in the end of a very hard day… It attacked me all the time.
I don’t know why the urges are getting so strong recently. They were almost gone, but this weekend they came back.
I think it is a Chase effect, because I had a relation this week (couldn’t finish it in the normal way again, as always…:disappointed_relieved:)
Well, but the good news is that I’m still alive and kicking, but I feel at edge every alone minute I have.
Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, they are very important for me!
Stay strong!


Day 2:

I didn’t write it, but I fell again, 2 days ago

Urges are sooo strong when I start again, but I’m sure they will get weaker around day 4.

So I’m starting a 10 day challenge with myself now.

I’m not falling again this time!

Day 3:

I just end up edging… Thoughts came to my mind as I woke up.
I felt like I had to O. But I repented in the middle of M, so it is less worse than O. I just need to keep myself from doing it again.

Feeling lonely and awful now…