A Solution for Urges 😄

Today after 7th day of celibacy i edged.
It is a miracle that i didnt relapsed(ejaculation/orgasm) today.
Last night didnt had enough sleep because i am trying to quit my medication.
Maybe it is a reason that Urges that were nowhere to be seen for first 7 days came from nowhere and took my soul into a death grip.
Its a bad excuse i know so i did this :
It shakes me off and brought me to my senses at once.
Before slapping myself i recall to myself Why i am doing this nofap ?

  • This shock therapy works for me today. It may sound manaic episode to you but do what you have to do to defeat this monster within ourself.
  • just remain true with yourself. Once you are on a path there is no going back. BREAK THE CYCLE OF RELAPSES ONCE AND FOR ALL. God is watching you when you are masturbating alone. Just remember that.
  • Dont be a little bitch Become a Man.

Instead of slapping myself, I do cold bath in almost zero temperature, as a punishment.