A small note before I go to bed tonight

Before I go to sleep tonight, I just want to pen a small note here on how PMO changed me. Sharing here without the fear of getting judged helps. Just 5 points, here I go:

  1. My brain acts slow sometimes and it has been like this for years now. Sometimes it’s ok and sometimes it’s slow. I read things multiple times for no reason and then understand it though I am good at my work. Sometimes I just feel numb.

  2. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) of various types since years. I remember that when I was in college, I used to check my hostel room lock multiple times before I left for lectures. Every single day for many years. This is just an example.

  3. I panic for no reason. I just get anxious about things sometimes that cannot even happen to me (irrational fears).

  4. I sometimes feel that I create depressed thoughts myself. My brain finds a situation, then finds my mistake in it and tells me to think negative. Although that may not even be a mistake. Everything is fine but still I get depressed.

  5. I now like to keep my mood stable because if I get too happy about something, I know that may be hours later I may get sad about something else. I don’t like to go from a great mood to the rock bottom. So I just always keep a calm and subtle approach to everything now.

Sharing helps me. Thank you guys.


Anxiety, depression and insecurity will decrease when you will restrict porn use and eventually quit it.

Although my streaks were not impressive 7,7 and recently 10 days, I feel the clear difference how i feel now, and how i felt when i jerk off every single day

Get rid of all your addictions also like alkohol or any artificial medicine if you can


Yes, I understand. I am trying to quit porn and masturbation. And hopefully should get there soon. I also see the difference when I don’t do it for few days.

I am not addicted to anything else. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs. I am very clean on that front.

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@anon93846067 what you described is really connected to what I felt when i fap every single day. Brain fog and reading the same thing before understanding will be also decreasing.

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I will be very happy if these problems go away with no fap. :slight_smile: And I am sure they will. I just need to maintain my streak now.

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What’s your sharing code?

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I just want to ask you about the same, but you was first haha


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Having streak is not enough and leads to relapse. It’s not about not watching porn, it’s about building new yourself. Don’t think about not masturbating, think about adding some stuff to your daily routine, about workout, about learning new things, about spending times studying, about meeting friends, about focusing on your goals.
All these things you wrote in the first post won’t dissapear just by having streak. You need to challange yourself everyday to bet them, learn how to control them etc…


Absolutely agree with you. I am trying all that too.

Goals are important, reading, learning new things but when i did everything but i fap i was not fulfilled although i was Working hard.

Recently i only make the streak like 10 days and i saw the difference in my perception of the world. Everything was brighter, better, although i do not working at anything else at 100 procent.

In this streak(now 3,5 days) i combine Working hard(planing and implementing the plan) and nofap. And it is more powerful becouse everything in the world is connected to each other. And as you said earlier the change has to be in all areas of life.