A shoulder to CRY on

Today, I have reached 34th day.

And in May, I will reach 150th day.

In that month, the woman I REALLY-REALLY love will MARRY ANOTHER MAN

This is the FIRST TIME I’ve met and made friends with the woman I want to marry

I have NEVER expressed my love for her. Because …

When I met and befriended her, She was ENGANGED!

I’m NOT a jerk or bastard who likes to take other people’s fiancees.

so I let it go with someone else.

My HEART really-really HURTS.

but I know, if in that month, I was STILL a chronic fapper, then surely …

The PAIN would increase trillions of times.

I will HOLD myself until that day comes.

then WILL hold on FOREVER.

I will give my feelings to a loving God.

Thank you, O God, for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

Thank you for this life.


PS: My heart cried while writing this


My brother, just remember that no one is permanent, everyone will die one day, even if you stayed with this woman you are loving, eventually you will get bored with her for sure. There is no such thing as “love until death” Or “my heart beats for you” Type of things, that’s all bullshit. To be honest, i was in the similar situation as you are now, gradually I realized that i can live happily without her, so i moved on and now life is full of peace. Just stop watching stupid romantic movies bro, they are seriously brainwashing our brains, you don’t have to die for a woman as they show in movies. Don’t get attached with anyone because when the other person leaves you, you will be shattered in pieces.

DON’T GIVE ANYONE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE YOU HAPPY, UNHAPPY, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, ETC. Get control of your life. YOU have to decide what happens within you not any other person, then NATURALLY you will choose to live joyfully.

Stay strong bro :muscle:. Much love and compassion :pray::heart::raised_hands::handshake:


Thanks brother, happy to hear that there was person in the similar situation as me now, so I’m not alone.
THANK YOU SO MUCH :raised_hands:


Your life does not stop here, brother. Life only goes on from here. As time passes you will find new people in your life and eventually you will find a life partner. Trust me.

This life is not about just a single specific woman. It’s about finding a woman that you can love.

I will say Consecrator has written good advice in his reply. Read it. Then read mine so that you have no worries anymore.

From time to time you may feel bad. It’s ok. We are all human. But there is hope. And that’s what matters. Never forget that.

If I were you, i would distance myself from her so that it helps me to get back on track… My personal opinion.

Peace, brother.


Thanks mate! I like your personal opinion. hopefully I can apply it :slightly_smiling_face: