A second try (I guess)


I’m using this forum since a few months and I’m developing some good habits and improving myself about fighting against the bad porn addiction.

However, I have no constancy when I challenge myself about starting a new habit, in special trying to start exercising again. I have a quite busy life but I really would like to be encouraged and disturbed to be aware and seek to do gradually some simple exercises, or workouts.

Some people really had motivated me to feel better and seek doing it but after some time most of them disappear and I know it’s okay, everyone have priorities and things to worry about.

My point is that I would like to keep in touch with some companion that also wanted to follow these habit or another one that are not having success. If anyone is interested please message me. All the best and God bless!

My code: eikwvz
I’m 22 M
Streak: 125

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