A Reminder to members that there is more to life than just fighting pmo

I have seen many people saying some extreme things regarding porn or masturbation habit. They want to ‘fight’ it or they associate pmo habit with many unrelated things. This can lead to obsession. There is nothing to ‘fight’. It’s an urge just like hunger, thirst etc. You don’t ‘fight’ hunger. You ignore it. You don’t ‘fight’ cravings, you ignore them and keep going with your daily activities.

So, don’t make it bigger than it is. Don’t fight it, you will always lose. Many people use prayers when they get urges and that can be very helpful. But you shouldn’t have feeling of guilt when you fail.

See, in a study, feeling of guilt is associated with lower level of activity in prefrontal cortex which humans use for self discipline, planning etc. You need that part. So don’t feel guilty if you fail, move on try again.

Also, you must remember that life has many things to do. This should not be the centre of your attention. Focus on other things.

Remember, middle path of Buddha. Don’t lean on either side. Don’t hate or love pmo. Be indifferent. You have chosen to leave it then stick to it.

The best way to leave this habit is make it impossible for you to engage in it or make it least convenient at least. It’s that simple. Don’t try to use your “will power” becoz you need that to do other tasks. I can guarantee you, you will fail if you rely too much on it.

I have, on my phone downloaded all apps that I require and uninstalled browser and play store. I use my mother’s phone to access YouTube or browser. So, it’s impossible for me to do the deed. It’s not a permanent solution but it’s like supporting wheels on bicycle. I will restore it when I am confident that I won’t relapse.

Sorry for long post with no tl;Dr​:joy::joy: also I don’t know markup so it’s a little messy.


I have a same thought that you have. I am also follow nofap very seriously like fighting against and consider only nofap is a life. But after sometime, i think nofap is just a stepping stone for all activities and With only Nofap, we can’t do anything.For almost 1 year, I only thinks about NoFap and learns about it. But now I only spends less time on nofap.I blocked all p**n sites and yt on my phone and iam started to focus on other parts of my life.