A Reflecting Question

Hi most of you know so I’ll skip the introduction for now!! I have a question for you all and you can interpret it however you like… But know it’s about NoFap… So here’s the question, or more accurately question(s)…

1.)What do you already know? And why?

2.)What do you not know? What would you like to know?

3.)What did you know but you’re not so sure anymore? How did this happen?

That’s it that’s all… I wanna see how you guys interpret this… This goes for all people!!!

I know being on nofap cost your sexual freedom. I do it because I know at end I’ll get reward of pmo free life.

I don’t know some people here are for nofap? Because they don’t want to follow its rules. I want to know why they are here?

Third is not in my mind.

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