A question for all the males

Hey guys, so I have a question. Is it bad if sometimes I have an erection(naked and I don’t do nothing) and it falls after 1.30 minute? Is this happening to you? Like if I’m masturbating(which I don’t) or do something with girls I have a full erection as long as someone is touching it​:joy::joy:, but If I leave it alone(if it’s not a morning wood) it falls after 1 or 2 minutes. Is this happening to you? I want to see a urologist to test my penis nerves or something, I feel like I can’t keep an erection sometimes

Hey there man! Though question. I have noticed this too but did really pay alot of attention to it, but it kinda makes sense why the body does it since there is no sexual stimulation = no erection. So the body might go into the process of why do I need the boner in the first place.

The time this boner last can be influenced by 4 things and I don’t factor in nerve damage since your penis could definitely tell when it is stimulated or not.

  1. Cardiovascular health. Any hearthealth issues and not doing cardio exercise can influence it since in a erction alot of blood is being pumped in it to be erect. Which brings me too.

  2. Diet. If you have a high cholesterol intake it isn’t good for your cardiovascular system(obviously) but overall deprivation of nutrients can also effect overall health.

  3. Pelvic floor muscles strength. Weak Pelvic floor muscles also leads to weak boners.

  4. Substance use. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can influence this duration too. (Also medication obviously use of viagras can make it last.) But some pain killers on the other hand can shorten this time.

I was concerned on my boners too. Since some random boners last longer than others, but it is also attributed to being horney with the boner too.

Not only in the randomness, but sometimes in the bath or shower when washing I have a boner but doesn’t last long.

I read some articles about how to beat them as they are embarrassing, but it is a good sign of erectile health, but most important boner and indicator fo good penile health any man must take note of is…

The morning wood and this is the boner you should be most worried about. Any lack of strength in this boner is a sign of early erectile dysfunction.

Hope this helps in a way and hopefully can find a straight answer for this!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome


Hey man! Thanks for replying!
My morning wood sometimes is off(but I might be half asleep so I don’t know how long does it stay) but when I do nofap my morning wood is through the roof, Even when I’m asleep! I do am a erestler and I traim a lot, I eat good and I never drink or smoke, so the only problem might be anxiety performance. So do you think thete isn’t a problem with my penis?

I’m a wrestler*******

Also I did some kegels and My penis is sort

I don’t think so. Stress could also influence erections yes. I forgot to mention that too. But if you have good performance during intercourse or manage to get one due to touch a bit longer till you get one a bit arousal for a boner. Then I don’t think any nerve damage is less likely. You might experience weak or less pleasure during orgasm or struggle to orgasm or really struggle to obtain any boner or to have a boner during intercourse.

Penis size isn’t applicable in getting or maintaining a boner at all. Overall health habits

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