A Promise That I'm Still Keeping

A few months ago my girlfriend said that if I did not beat my addiction by February she would leave me. She eventually went back on her words and changed her mind, but I still remember the promise I made. I remember how much time I thought I had. I don’t have much time left, but I want to keep this promise. I want to save everything I have for her. Starting now. I’m done. I will be clean when February comes. No more PMO. I’m done with that. It’s been screwing with me for too long. So I’m booting everything back up. I’m starting again. I wasn’t trying for too long. I’m back baby. I never stay down! I’ll keep you guys updated either here or my diary.


Stay strong bro
U will do it…:blush:


So if your girlfriend had not given you a condition, you would not have stopped the habit?

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No I’d still be trying. I just thought this would be a good goal. Plus technically this isn’t a condition anymore, she changed her mind. So this is my own choice.