A problem occured. Need advice

Hello mates. I am trying nofap for 3years now. Seriously from 2. I have reached 98 days as my highest streak. But now I am facing a huge problem which is hindering me .

Whenever I watch too much virtual content or listen music for hour or more I notice a little leakage . I notice my pee is thick sometimes.it means my semen is ejaculating and thats not what I want.it tenses me out. i did exercise for solving this. But it didn’t work our
My daily consumption of food is high but my usage of this energy is low. Could this be the problem.

I have all my work on laptop and mobile so I can’t do anything.
Plz if anyone had this problem before . Tell me the solution.


I guess it’s normal.
Stored fluids sometimes gets replenished inside itself and sometimes it comes out.
When you listen to music or do leisure work, your body relaxes and so the over-stored fluids come out in relaxed state of your body.
Thick pee has happened to me too, but I don’t know the actual reason of it. our excess food and less body movements maybe the reason, because I also have similar lifestyle, i also do less work and stay infront of screens for online lects for long hours.


Daily pranayam can solve this… Do anulom bilom, and kapal bharti and aswini mudra. And yes you, should take water for proper digestion… Taking water reduces your body heat… And take cold shower.


if it’s just a leak then you can relax. In all probability, it should be the precum. You can experience it during the early stages of arousal.
But are you sure that you experience it during listening to music as well?? What kind of music is that?

Thanks brothers.iwill try to follow this routine and see the results

By music I mean whenever I spend too much virtual time. Due to all works on digital platform I have to spend all my time on it. An dthia problem is continues for few months now

You said generally you are working with laptop… You can easily practice aswini mudra… This is very easy. Try this. Further information search on YouTube.

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Sure I will try this …

This is weird, a leakage withouth any arousal might not be a good sign, but definitely solvable. Please google Keggel Exercise and try doing that (but do a proper research before), increase the intake of water.
Also, though not related directly but you can use boxers instead of underwears. Basically the cooler the temperature at your testicles lower the chances of any leakages.

PS: I am no expert and your problem seems bit unusual. Please consult a doctor,using Practo you can consult with sexologist (or urologist) and try to understand your problem. Dont rely on one advice get second, third advices and then go ahead with the remedies.
Keep us posted and dont worry

yes as @_TIGER told Ashiwini Mudra would be good start but please exercise caution. DONT overdo it, keggel is much safer in my opinion


Thanks bro.i really appreciate your advice.
And actually I have done Ashwini mudra before also.

@strongwillpower Sorry if this is off topic, but are you in your 4th year or are you done with MBBS? Just wondering. Anyways all the best.


It might be bcoz you are not using your energy in a proper way(no judgement,just an assumption of realities)

Get up start working out,never say you cant bcoz we all have the same neurological system,we are capable of same limits,just we take different choices.You can do yoga too,its good.

You just have to take a choice my friend.

Start exercising for just 5 or 10 mins a day and gradually you will increase your duration…

I am not telling you what to do,i’ve just gave you an extra choice to be added in your variety of choices,you choose the outcome now,its you who control your journey…

Peace my friend.Stay safe and forsure stay blessed👍

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Follow this guy on tweeter @Amerix dm him your problem he will help you.

Bro today I exercises Ashwini mudra , anulom vilom, kapalbhati etc . I drank a lot of water today.
But even after that today it again happened.
But still I can feel that if I do it daily I may overcome this problem.
Tommorow I will try to stay away from virtual screen as more as possible then will notify my progress.

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Ok bro. Though I don’t use tweeter but I will ask him . Thanks

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Good, it may take time.
But I would suggest again to talk to a doctor ASAP.
You can use an online app like practo so that you dont have to meet any one physically and no one would get to know anything except you and doctor

Bro. Today I tried to stay away from virtual screen . And strangely I didn’t get any leakage.
I exercises Ashwini mudra and etc.
But at evening I had to use laptop for class and learning and then it again happened but very little, almost zero. So I think I must stay away from phone as much as possible…

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