A piece of wisdom before I leave again

Hey y’all! I decided to come back for a few days, but I feel the need to leave again. I will come back on Christmas with more to share with you all.

Here’s what I wanted to share:

I see a lot of posts about I relapsed to porn as if porn is a good thing. Maybe instead of I relapsed to porn say I relapsed to a soul sucking disease. The only issue with that is coming to the conclusion that porn is pure evil is not something I can give to you on a forum post. It’s part of your journey and I can’t wait for you to get there.

I can’t make you believe any amount of information I give you that’s up to you

Remember that life isn’t about you whether you believe it or not. Even if you’re not a religious person. You can never reach a stopping point for satisfaction. Life is about helping other people. I’ve been focusing on making the people around me happy. I have a girlfriend now. I’m focusing on getting her what she needs and wants. This has been a major helper for me.

Also try reading a book and listen to some lofi. Make a youtube video or draw the Mona Lisa. Use your creative side. Try to be more productive even if you don’t “feel like it”


I’ll see you all soon! God bless you! Love you all dearly!


Love you too! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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