A nice quote from a book I'm reading


Here is a quote that might be helpful
From book called Onanism. " All the symptoms
which arise from excesses of females, follow still more promptly,
and in youth, the abominable practice of masturbation, and it is difficult to paint them in as frightful colors as they deserve
young persons addict themselves to this practice without knowing the enormity of the crime, and all the consequences which
physically result from it. The mind is affected by all the diseases
of the body, but particularly by those arising from this cause. The most dismal melancholy, indifference, and aversion to all pleasures, the impossibility to take part in conversation, the
sense of their own misery, the consciousness of having brought
it upon themselves, the necessity of renouncing the happiness
of marriage, all affect them so much that they renounce the
world—blessed if they escape suicide."